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What’s Life Actually Like in Eastern Ontario?

As house prices and the general cost of living continue to climb in major cities, you might be considering alternatives. You need to first find a location that has a perfect job for you. Then you can start to look into what life is like in other cities in Ontario. The province’s best kept secret for work-life balance is living in eastern Ontario.

High Tech Job Opportunities in Eastern Ontario

Manufacturing is one of the largest and most important industries in all of Ontario. Currently, 65,000 people are employed by manufacturers in the eastern Ontario region alone. You’ve likely heard of a few of the companies, including

As an important part of the supply chain, experts in the industry are employed in well-paying, secure jobs that offer fulfilling and challenging work. Most employees use cutting-edge technology every day to solve problems, build products and design processes and machinery. You no longer need to live in Toronto or Waterloo to find exciting work in technical roles. The most common jobs in eastern Ontario manufacturing include:

The region does much to support the manufacturing industry, as well. Employers and job seekers alive can find skills development opportunities in the many programs and schools. Workforce boards and stakeholders help to connect job seekers with employers by providing platforms and systems like Magnet and the Eastern Ontario Training Board. The sector and workforce continues to grow through economic development conferences and even a manufacturing conference and hard work is recognized via a manufacturing industry award

Enjoy Better Work-Life Balance in Eastern Ontario

The cities in eastern Ontario offer all the conveniences you could want, plus outstanding after-work-hours perks. The larger cities have a friendly personality, with walkable downtown areas where you can enjoy a meal out, grab a latte or visit the theatre.


The cities of Kingston and Belleville are right on the waterfront of Lake Ontario, making it easy to go sailing, kayaking, and swimming, or to go for a jog along the shoreline. A little further northeast, the city of Brockville is known for its thriving boating community, with several marinas and a yacht club. Living in the Kawartha Lakes region puts you right next to provincial parks, where you can camp, hike and mountain bike.

Besides its beautiful scenery, Belleville has a symphony and ballet, and hosts many concerts. Kingston has museums and historical landmarks to explore, as well as the Leons Centre, which hosts concerts, shows, and hockey games during the winter. Kawartha Lakes is well known for its community of artists, and boasts beautiful artisan shops and outdoor markets, where you can enjoy vendors and the beautiful summer weather.

When you play the game of life in an eastern Ontario city, you also dramatically reduce your commute times, allowing you to spend more time on the things that matter to you. You could even walk or bike to work instead of driving. When you want to travel for a vacation or to visit relatives, the international airports in Ottawa and Toronto are just a couple of hours’ drive away.

Increase Your Quality of Life in Eastern Ontario

In addition to a secure, well-paying job in manufacturing, your dollars go further in eastern Ontario. You can purchase a beautiful home for less than $400,000, which is half the cost of the average home in Toronto. Instead of stretching yourself thin with a large mortgage, you can take the pressure off, buy your dream home, and still have extra cash to enjoy your hobbies.

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