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Are You Up for a Manufacturing Industry Award?

In eastern Ontario, there are many organizations and associations that provide support services and hand out annual manufacturing industry awards. Putting your company into a position to win one of these awards is not just good for morale and publicity–it can help generate more sales.
What Are the NMA Awards and How Can They Boost Business?

The Northumberland Manufacturers Association (NMA) hands out three specific awards each year to members:

  1. Environmental/Health & Safety Award
  2. High Performance Manufacturing Award
  3. Investing in Employee Development Award

All three awards can be promoted to your current customer base and potential new clients to validate your industry-leading expertise. For some prospective clients, this seal of approval will be heavily valued, including the other members of the NMA.

nullThe Environmental/Health & Safety Award shows how much you value your employees’ health and wellbeing. Winning an award on environmental initiatives shows prospective employees the values of your organization, which is key to attracting Millennials.

The Investing in Employee Development Award could enhance employee retention. Adequate onboarding and ongoing training efforts are essential to keeping employees equipped to do their jobs in the high tech manufacturing industry. Continuing to invest in your workforce also helps employees to feel supported and valued, improving retention and saving you money.

Stay in the Know on Manufacturing Industry Awards and Trends

In addition to the manufacturing industry awards, another bonus of joining the NMA is that you can save money on workforce development through collaboration. Next time you need to train your workforce on forklift operation and safety or in First Aid, you can split the cost with the other NMA members.

Associations and awards ceremonies also get you networking with fellow manufacturers in the region in order to discuss the common issues and potential solutions. You can also share resources and information, like the Literature Review that the Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Workforce Development Project put together, to help the entire industry address predicted workforce shortages.

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