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What’s Life Like in the Kingston-Pembroke Economic Region?

The region of Kingston-Pembroke is located in eastern Ontario, and includes the towns of Belleville, Kingston, Petawawa, and Pembroke. These cities all have access to beautiful waterfront, whether on Lake Ontario or along the Ottawa River. In addition, the region has a strong manufacturing sector that continues to employ many local residents.

Manufacturing jobs are plentiful, salaries are comparable to Toronto, and housing is much more affordable than in Toronto. Read on to learn a little more about what life is like in Kingston-Pembroke, including schools, recreation, culture, and quality of life.

Finding a Job in Kingston-Pembroke

According to Statistics Canada, the unemployment rate in Kingston-Pembroke was 5.5% in March of 2019, which is much lower than Toronto’s average at 6.4% for the same month. In addition, the manufacturing industry is booming in eastern Ontario, with an average of 195 job vacancies over the entire year in 2017 (reported by the Ontario East Economic Development Commission).

There are 114 jobs in Kingston alone posted on Indeed for manufacturing, ranging from entry level to management. Belleville has 119 jobs available in manufacturing for machinists, operator trainees, engineers, and process line technicians. There are also 11 jobs close to the northern Pembroke/Petawawa area in manufacturing and another 11 in production.

There is a high demand in the region for skilled labourers to support jobs in manufacturing. Free training is available to get you on your way to a career in the industry. Many of the entry-level positions offer on-the-job training as well. You’ll have all the support you could want as you start a new job in the region.

Quality of Life in Kingston-Pembroke

In 2015, the average total income for residents in Kingston-Pembroke was $42,916. In Toronto, the average was $42,807, just slightly lower but with a much higher cost of living.

Average housing prices for March of 2019 across the Kingston-Pembroke region of eastern Ontario were as follows:

Compare the above prices with that of Toronto for March of 2019 at $788,335. It’s at least twice as expensive to own a home in Toronto than in Kingston-Pembroke. In Kingston-Pembroke, your dollars earned go way further, and you can afford your dream home much sooner.

Add to that the benefits of less congestion and a shorter commute to work, and suddenly you have more of your day back. A shorter commute will also mean less money spent on gas which will give you more flexibility to enjoy the region and your own hobbies. 

Culture, Entertainment, and Recreation in the Region

The entire region of Kingston-Pembroke benefits from being along major waterways and close to nature. Your home or work may even be just a five-minute walk away from the waterfront, where you can enjoy the scenery, go for a run along trails, or even take up rowing or sailing.

nullThe City of Kingston is proud to have vibrant cultural and creative arts communities. Culture is a pillar of the city’s corporate strategic plan. There are numerous historical landmarks and two city-owned museums to explore, as well as the J.K. Tett Centre and Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, which showcase creative and cultural assets.

On top of museums and art galleries, Belleville is home to a symphony, the ballet, theatre, and many concert events. The city hosts an extensive number of arts and cultural events throughout the year as well, which are listed on their website.

Pembroke’s cultural heritage remains a strong benefit to the region, and it also has historical buildings to explore, in addition to the Pembroke Heritage Murals that are exhibited downtown. The Festival Hall Centre for the Arts hosts many plays and musical performances throughout the year.

In terms of what you do after work for fun or play, the Kingston-Pembroke region has it all. If you are comparing your options in a larger city to this region, there really isn’t anything that you’ll be missing out on. Concerts, art festivals, cultural events, recreation, and parks all exist to provide everything you need for excellent work-life balance.

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