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SigmaPoint Technologies’ Bold Vision of Electronic Manufacturing

SigmaPoint Technologies is located in Cornwall in eastern Ontario, and was founded in 1999 by Dan Bergeron, who still runs the company today. The company culture respects every person and has successfully grown from 5 to over 300 committed employees in 20 years.

SigmaPoint Technologies is considered one of the leaders in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) in the EMS industry. They offer prototyping services with a quick turnaround to encourage manufacturers to stay on shore instead of going offshore to fill their parts needs.

With their engineering expertise and understanding of markets and innovative demands, SigmaPoint fills product lifecycle needs from early prototypes to high-volume production and integration. They pride themselves on staying ahead of the technology curve with their experienced engineering team.

What’s Great About Working at SigmaPoint Technologies

SigmaPoint encourages a team culture environment

nullBeing part of a team that’s like family helps employees succeed and thrive at work. It also helps staff feel passionate about their work, as Audrey is.

 “Working here feels like being part of a family. I love what I do, I didn’t expect to be passionate about it.”

At SigmaPoint the work is interesting and fun

Keeping employees engaged and fulfilled during their work days helps staff like Lolita stay satisfied with her contribution to the company and with her career advancement.

“The work is always interesting. I love working here!”

SigmaPoint offers shared benefit packages

The health and welfare of all employees is important to SigmaPoint. Everyone is looked after with benefits that cater to their individual needs.

SigmaPoint offers lots of on-the-job skill-building opportunities

nullKeeping employees learning and challenged is key to staff engagement and satisfaction. Employees use a lot of cutting-edge engineering products to help them innovate. As Karen says, the opportunity to build skills over 19 years has helped her love her work even more.



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