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What Does Brockville Have to Offer?

The Ottawa region of eastern Ontario includes Brockville, Cornwall, and Ottawa-Gatineau, and boasts more than 25,000 employers and 500,000 jobs.

The region is one of the principal advanced technology centres in North America with more than 70,000 high-tech jobs. Many of those jobs are in the manufacturing sector.

Data collected by the EOMWDP shows there were 320 job vacancies in manufacturing in this region in the last quarter of 2017, which is an increase of two times more than the last quarter of 2016. As Baby Boomers retire, manufacturing jobs are becoming more and more available.

In this blog post, we will profile Brockville, highlighting what this community offers culturally, in housing, and in manufacturing job opportunities. Cornwall and Ottawa-Gatineau will be highlighted in upcoming blog posts.

What Brockville Has to Offer

Brockville has a population of almost 23,000, and is located on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River and is halfway between Kingston and Cornwall. It is 115 km (71 mi) south of the national capital Ottawa.

The “City of the 1000 Islands” features a thriving boating life, including a Municipal Harbour and public marina, a yacht club and several commercial marinas. Upstream is the Brockville-owned Islands Group, which contains some city island parks, as well as an island park belonging to the Thousand Islands National Park system. 


Brockville has several music, art and dance organizations and the Brockville Concert Band originates from a long tradition of community and military bands.

St. Lawrence College in Brockville is home to the Music Theatre - Performance Program, which trains students to enter the professional world of musical theatre. SLC Stage produces three professional-quality musicals each season at the Brockville Arts Centre. The Brockville Arts Centre is a 710-seat, newly refurbished theatre venue with a full season of entertainment offerings.

Brockville’s educational facilities are known for their high standards in a variety of subjects. Public and Catholic schools are spaced throughout the community. Most schools offer French immersion programs, and there is one French language school for Kindergarten to Grade 12. There are a number of educational support programs available for upgrading skills and training, as well as a college of applied arts and technology.

Brockville is a city with a high-quality of life. Houses are affordable: the average Brockville house price was $214,000 in 2016.

The manufacturing sector in Brockville boasts 3,249 employees working for 69 companies. Some of these companies include 3M Canada, Axens Canada, Hewitt Brockville Ltd., and Procter & Gamble Inc., to name only a few. The unemployment rate in 2016 was 4%,which is below the Canadian average of 6.8%.

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