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Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Spotlight: Longevity Acrylics

It’s a fine day to get to know a local eastern Ontario manufacturer. Longevity Acrylics Inc. is a bathware manufacturing company, based in Summerstown Ontario, that manufactures 100% cast acrylic bathware designs.

Ever since its founding in 1986, Longevity Acrylics has been a proud Canadian manufacturer. The company makes all the designs for its products, and manufactures and services the products, all here in Canada and eastern Ontario.

While other methods of bathware manufacture involve cheaper materials, they can also:

  • cause the bathware to rust
  • be difficult for people of all body types to use due to a limited number of sizes for the product
  • need caulking to prevent leaks, making the product more difficult to clean

On the other hand, cast acrylic:

  • doesn’t leak
  • has more options available
  • doesn’t need caulking to put together

Talk about Canadian ingenuity!

What It’s Like to Work for Longevity Acrylics

nullLongevity Acrylics isn’t just an example of a great Canadian manufacturer. It’s also a great employer.

Take a look at what these employees of Longevity Acrylics have to say about their place of work.

 “Our work schedule is 4 days a week. With Fridays off. How amazing is that?” Drake, Sprayer at Longevity Acrylics.


null“They play good music while we work. It keeps me motivated!” Sheila, Roller at Longevity Acrylics.

Employees of Longevity Acrylics enjoy a great benefits package, good pay, and a fun work environment. But, perhaps best of all, employees at Longevity Acrylics enjoy only a four-day work week. That’s right, that “new trend” that only the most forward-thinking and worker-friendly countries are proposing is already a reality for employees at Longevity.

It’s not surprising that a company named “Longevity,” which places such importance on the lifetime of their products (so much so that they offer a lifetime guarantee), would also place a lot of importance on retaining employees. And they must be doing something right, because...


75% of employees at Longevity Acrylics have been with the company for 5 or more years.

You know the employees at Longevity must enjoy their work and benefits, otherwise their positions would never have that kind of… longevity (sorry).

Living in Summerstown

Summerstown is a cozy community of around 13,000 residents, located on the lovely St. Lawrence River. It’s close to Alexandria Ontario, and is only around 115 kilometres from Ottawa and 100 kilometres from Montreal; plus it’s very close to the U.S. border.

Getting a Job Like the Ones at Longevity Acrylics Is Easier Than Ever

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Images provided by: Eastern Ontario Training Board


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