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Lanthier Bakery Puts Eastern Ontario on the Map

Lanthier Bakery, located in Alexandria Ontario, was founded by Georges and Adrienne Lanthier in 1932. Back then, Lanthier was one of four bakeries in Alexandria that sold fresh bread and pastries door to door.

The way bread is sold has definitely changed, but the bakery is still a family-run business. And Lanthier Bakery has grown over their 87 years of manufacturing baked goods.

Lanthier Bakery is now one of the largest independently owned commercial bakeries in eastern Ontario. Lanthier products include Betty enriched white and whole wheat bread, sandwich and crusty breads, sandwich buns and rolls, and specialty breads too. Their baked goods are sold all over Ontario and Quebec.

What’s Great About Working at Lanthier Bakery?

At Lanthier everyone is treated like family

nullThis helps employees feel part of the success of the bakery. It also helps new employees like Richard feel as if they’re an important part of the family from the beginning.

“Everyone here is nice and we all help each other! You feel like part of a family.”



Lanthier’s work environment is fun

nullThey organize great social events to help all their employees enjoy time with their colleagues. Alexandria is operator Alain’s hometown, so being involved with the community helps Lanthier foster community spirit among their employees.

 “I like it here, I keep busy doing different jobs. This is my home town!”

Lanthier offers competitive wages

They want their employees to be paid fairly for the work they do. Employees enjoy a good quality of life (and a good reason to stay working in the bakery).

Lanthier is constantly growing

That means their employees learn how to do different jobs, keeping the work environment exciting with room to add new skills. Denis is a good example; he has enjoyed performing varied jobs while working at Lanthier for over 42 years.

 “42 years ago I started at the order desk, now I am in shipping. I live close, Lanthier is part of Alexandria.”

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