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Laminacorr Thrives in the Competitive Corrugated Plastics Industry

Laminacorr has operated in manufacturing in eastern Ontario since 2013 in the Cornwall Business Park. The 21-year-old company owned by Guy Robichaud and family employs 60 workers and has grown to be the largest independent corrugated plastics product manufacturer in North America.

Laminacorr manufactures lightweight and durable FluteCorr® corrugated packaging for many sectors, from the automotive industry to agriculture. Laminacorr also creates FluteCorr® Graphics for plastic signs and displays.

The company also re-processes scrap and used products, making its plant very environmentally friendly.

What’s Great About Working at Laminacorr

Laminacorr treats their employees like family

nullWith paid lunch and breaks, and family events for their employees, they are a community-minded company. As Danny says, working for the family-run Laminacorr is a great experience.

“I’m part of something great! This company is always growing. Guy and his family are amazing people to work for.”

Laminacorr has good working conditions

They give their employees a 6 to 7% yearly raise that keeps their salaries competitive. The company is concerned about their workers’ quality of life.

Laminacorr is a Fortune 500 company

It’s a great company to work for with a competitive work environment that keeps them at the top of the corrugated plastics industry in North America. Laminacorr employees learn the cutting-edge skills needed to thrive in a very competitive industry.

Laminacorr staff are cross trained on all kinds of jobs

nullThey give their employees the opportunity to learn on the job, offering skills training and room to grow within the company. This increases staff satisfaction and retention. Chantal loves learning and feels working at Laminacorr is a great opportunity to continue that lifelong passion.

 “I have been cross trained on all kinds of jobs, there is so much opportunity. I love working for this great family.”

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