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Manufacturing Companies in Eastern Ontario Embrace Technology Adoption

While job hunting, you might consider looking for work that will keep you interested and challenged in the long run. According to the Forbes article 5 Ways to Achieve Career Fulfillment, being challenged at work, and using your full potential are key to loving your job.

Manufacturing in eastern Ontario offers plenty of opportunities for innovation, problem solving, and working with high tech systems. Here’s a sample of companies embracing technology adoption in the region, and employing people who love to be challenged and work in fast-paced, dynamic environments.

Magna Autosystems Manufacturing in Eastern Ontario

If you love cars or are intrigued by the technology used to design and manufacture them, Magna Autosystems is a leader in the industry and a large employer in eastern Ontario. Employing 1,100 in the Bay of Quinte, the automotive component manufacturer supplies lighting systems, including headlamps, tail lamps, CHMSLs (centre high mounted stop lights), fog lamps, and interior lights.

Magna Autosystems has CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) capabilities, as well as full optical prescription development in house. The plant even has its own test department, where products are pre-tested and validated. This facility is known for taking on challenging projects from other suppliers, and problem solving using high tech tools and highly skilled experts to produce a viable product.


Hannafin Specializes in Automation and Industrial Control

Hannafin Innovation and Industrial Controls supports advanced manufacturing in eastern Ontario by helping other companies who are looking to improve their automation and technology. Based in Belleville, Ontario, Hannafin has extensive experience with programming logic controllers (PLCs), which are central to running an automated industrial system.

Hannafin employees are highly trained in computing, electronics, and industrial processes. They are able to respond quickly to their clients in the region, problem solving and troubleshooting any issues at local manufacturing plants. Suppliers, like Hannafin, to the eastern Ontario manufacturing cluster in the Bay of Quinte also employ people who love to be challenged, work with technology, and support local businesses.

Hanon Systems Innovating in HVAC Systems

Hanon Systems produces climate control systems for the automotive industries in North America, Asia, and Europe. It has a manufacturing plant in Belleville, which has been operating since 1989, and now employs over 300 people.

Hanon Systems is an international company with expertise in temperature management and HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems for both cars and heavy trucks. The automotive industry is constantly innovating, meaning Hanon Systems is always looking to improve production efficiencies, optimize products, and increase quality. It’s an atmosphere that inspires continual growth.

Kellogg’s Cereal Produced Using Advanced Manufacturing

Kellogg’s actually applies advanced manufacturing processes to the cereals that people enjoy every day. Processes, such as extrusion, often used to produce metal or plastic components in high volumes are are being used to produce cereal products.

In addition to applying advanced food manufacturing techniques, the plant in Belleville strives for high efficiency and energy savings. The offices were even constructed from recycled materials. Kellogg’s is an example of how manufacturing in eastern Ontario uses technology to improve efficiencies across all areas of operations.

Living and Working in Eastern Ontario

If you’re someone looking for a career where you can continually improve, solve problems, and work with advanced technology, then you might consider manufacturing in eastern Ontario. The region is home to a manufacturing cluster that employs thousands of people in high tech positions, there are opportunities for free job training, and the area presents a more affordable cost of living than surrounding cities.

To learn more about all eastern Ontario has to offer, contact Ontario East and download this infographic now:

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