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Moving to Canada? Here's What to Expect from Canadian Weather

As a new Canadian, you may be excited about the opportunities in Canada’s eastern Ontario region, like the many manufacturing jobs opening up over the next few years as Baby Boomers leave the workforce.

However, you may be a little concerned about Canadian weather, so we're going to debunk some myths for you.

Canadian Weather: Summer

Canadian summers in eastern Ontario are really beautiful. Summer is shorts and T-shirt weather for most of June, July and August, with the sun shining strong (enjoy, but be sure to wear a good sunscreen). July is the peak summer month with an average temperature of 27°C during the day and 16°C at night.

Bug season is less intense in the cities in eastern Ontario than in cottage country. You can enjoy the outdoors without too much concern for bugs from May through August in the cities. If you do want to head out to the country to enjoy the scenery and fresh air, you can get bug spray to discourage any pests - like mosquitoes and black flies - from biting you.

nullIt’s easy to beat the heat and enjoy summer activities in Canada; eastern Ontario has a lot of lakes and waterfronts for swimming. Big Rideau Lake, for instance, is one of the busiest lakes in eastern Ontario. It has 5 marinas and a provincial park called Murphy’s Point.

Hiking is another great way to spend a summer day. There are trails all over eastern Ontario ranging from easy (like the Dunes Trail in Sandbanks Provincial Park) to difficult (like the Slide Lake Loop Trail in Frontenac Provincial Park).

There are lots of summer festivals in eastern Ontario as well, like Brockville’s Tall Ships Festival to name a few.

Canadian Weather: Spring and Fall

Enjoy spring from March to May. The trees come to life and flowers burst with colour, making spring one of our most popular seasons. The Ottawa tulip festival is a spring highlight with over one million tulips flowering across the area. The festival closes off with a spectacular fireworks show at Dows Lake.

Fall is from September to November in eastern Ontario and as the season moves towards winter, the leaves change into gorgeous colours and people enjoy apple picking at Hall’s Apple Market in Brockville and Cannamore Orchard in Crysler between Ottawa and Cornwall.

Pumpkin picking in October is another popular fall activity leading up to Halloween on Oct 31st. McMaze and Cedar Fox Farm near Cornwall, and Log Cabin Orchard near Osgoode, offer pumpkin picking and other activities for kids and adults.

Halloween is a big treat on October 31st when kids and parents alike dress up in costumes and go door to door trick-or-treating for candy from their neighbours. Folks also celebrate Halloween with costume parties, and by carving jack-o’-lanterns (which are pumpkins) and going to haunted houses to scare themselves silly.

See More of What Eastern Ontario Has to Offer

Seasonal activities are just some of the many reasons eastern Ontario residents enjoy a high quality of life.

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