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The Solution to the High Cost of Living

The 2008 recession had profound effects on Ontario and in some cases we are still feeling those effects. The household median income growth in Ontario from 2005 to 2015 was the slowest in all of Canada, according to Mowat Centre’s A Different Ontario report on the 2016 census.

Even though employment rates increased for some (women, those 55–64 years old, and university grads with advanced degrees), it declined for men aged 25–34 and those without any post-secondary education.

The High Cost of Living in the GTA

The report also revealed significant declines in income for those living in southwestern Ontario, and in the region surrounding the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The cost of living is already tremendous in Toronto and the surrounding area, with the average detached house price at above $1.3 million in Toronto and $900k in the GTA.

The decline in incomes combined with the increasing costs of housing and other services in southwestern Ontario results in a high cost of living that makes the dream of living comfortably in a nice house seem unattainable.

The Lower Cost of Living in Eastern Ontario

nullEastern Ontario offers a much more affordable cost of living than areas surrounding Toronto, where the recession hit particularly hard for many. The average home prices in October of 2018 were $359k in Kingston, $351k in Quinte, and $393k in Ottawa. In comparison, the GTA average sale price was $766k in the same month.

In addition to lower-cost services and housing that’s twice as affordable, eastern Ontario was not as hard hit by the recession in terms of employment rates. The region boasts many advantages:

  • Beautiful cities and rural towns
  • Ample job opportunities
  • Job training

Eastern Ontario Job Opportunities

Whether you have experience or not, eastern Ontario has extensive job opportunities for you in manufacturing. The region employs 65,000 people in the manufacturing industry, and offers many options for training, should you need it. There is also a current need for new employees as the baby boomer generation nears retirement.

Some companies offer apprenticeships and on-the-job training, allowing you to start making money right away. Other options include the numerous colleges and universities in the area that offer technical training courses for millwrights, welders, repair technicians, engineers, and computer programmers. There are even programs specifically designed to accelerate the training required for manufacturing and food production, such as the Elevate PLUS program in Belleville.

Consider Increased Quality of Life in Eastern Ontario

In addition to a more affordable lifestyle, the employment options in the region provide secure, well-paying jobs - many of them in the manufacturing sector. Eastern Ontario has an exceptional quality of life, at a fraction of the cost of other areas in Ontario. It could be just the ticket for you and your family to afford the lifestyle you have dreamed of.

Download this infographic to discover the eastern Ontario quality of life, and visit the Ontario East website to learn more about the opportunities in the region.

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