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Will You Be Attending This Manufacturing Conference?

The Tri-Association Manufacturing Conference is taking place on October 24, 2019 at the Cobourg Community Centre. The Northumberland Manufacturers’ Association have put together a day packed with information, demos and strategies to help local manufacturers prepare for the future.
Why This Manufacturing Conference Is A Practical Investment:

The Tri-Association Manufacturing Conference provides interaction, innovation and networking within the eastern Ontario community. The conference is located in the region and is only one day long, meaning you don’t have to spend money on a hotel to attend. In addition, tickets are extremely reasonable at $175/person, which you can easily purchase online.

The day is scheduled to allow for breakout sessions and networking opportunities, as well as guest speakers and plant tours. You can get to know the other major players in eastern Ontario manufacturing, building your network. Visit the tradeshow to learn how the latest technological advances are being applied to manufacturing to increase profits.

See the Technology in Action with Tours, Demos and Workshops

nullThere are two workshops you can participate in to experience the technology in the region firsthand and set your business up for success in an online world. You can learn about virtual reality training, robotics and Canada’s latest manufacturing co-op, MicroFactory, in the Venture13 Tech Zone. You can also take part in the cyber security workshop to learn about current threats, cyber defense, and disaster recovery.

Two plant tours are offered as a part of the manufacturing conference as well. The first is at Cameco, which is the largest Canadian supplier of uranium fuel for CANDU nuclear reactors. The second tour is at Graphic Packaging International, one of the largest manufacturers of paperboard and paper-based products.

Learn How To Attract the Future Workforce

The two keynote speakers at the manufacturing conference are diving deep into the coming skills revolution and how to attract and motivate Millennials. As your workforce’s face begins to change, Baby Boomers retire, and the younger generation is hired, you need to adjust your attraction and retention strategies to suit this shift. The speakers at the conference will get you started on how to update your hiring practices to better align with your future workforce.

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