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Manufacturing Supply Chains Make Eastern Ontario Great

You may not have realized this but, if you’ve been living anywhere in eastern Ontario, you’ve been living in a manufacturing hub. And this isn’t just the way it is now; eastern Ontario has been a manufacturing centre for quite some time. It’s amazing what can go on right under your nose if you’re not looking for it!
The manufacturing sector in eastern Ontario employs 65,000 people and supports a wide range of industries, industries that are new, and industries that are as old as humanity. These industries include (but are certainly not limited to):
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Medical devices
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy
  • Mining

The reason eastern Ontario is so well suited for different manufacturing industries and companies is that the region can support entire supply chains. A supply chain is the name for the entire process of a product’s manufacture and sale: from the collection of raw materials to the product’s eventual retail sale to you, the consumer!

The Sweetest Supply Chain of Them All

Take for example, a great product that comes from eastern Ontario: maple syrup. The raw material (in this case, maple tree sap) is collected right here from sugar bushes in Ontario. The trees are tapped, and the sap is processed into maple syrup. From there the syrup is distributed to the retailer where you, a pancake aficionado, can buy as much maple syrup as your bank account and free fridge space will allow.


The entire supply chain for certain maple syrup products can exist without ever leaving eastern Ontario. Maple syrup is one example, but there are many other supply chains that exist either completely or mostly in eastern Ontario, allowing manufacturing to flourish here.

Eastern Ontario has a strong supply chain with multi-national companies, but its supply chains also support small entrepreneurs. The communities in eastern Ontario are dedicated to both retaining their existing companies while also attracting new manufacturers to the region, maintaining the success of the region for manufacturing while also devoting time and resources to improving it.

In short, eastern Ontario is a manufacturer’s paradise and, because of that, it’s also an excellent place to find employment in manufacturing. If you’re looking to plan your future and see yourself either moving to eastern Ontario or needing a reason to stay in the region, you can start an excellent life for yourself, and a manufacturing career can support any life path you choose.

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