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How to Boost Hiring with the Eastern Ontario Training Board

Rather than trying to do everything within your manufacturing company, there are many resources available to you right in eastern Ontario. In addition to your local workforce development offices and economic development officers, you have the Eastern Ontario Training Board to help you with hiring and employee retention.
Eastern Ontario Training Board Promotes Jobs for You

The Eastern Ontario Training Board has been promoting entry-level manufacturing jobs in the region, and has increased the number of applicants for the participating businesses. The training board posted videos and pictures to better inform specific eastern Ontario communities about the local job opportunities available.

Analytics of the Eastern Ontario Training Board’s social media campaigns showed that Facebook was the most effective medium for informing the community, and posts which featured workers were shared more often. The featured company’s employees loved being spotlighted on social media, and the campaign also helped to showcase the company’s culture and benefits.

If you haven’t done so already, adding content about your employees and the culture of your company to your social media accounts will help with talent attraction for the younger generation. Millennials in particular want to know that the work they are doing is fulfilling and that the company supports its employees, has a driving mission, and is doing good in the community.

Free Training to Improve Attraction and Retention

nullOn top of getting promotion in play for manufacturers, the Eastern Ontario Training Board also offered one-on-one sessions with an HR expert. Employers discussed their current attraction and retention strategies and got advice about how to improve.

The Eastern Ontario Training Board then offered group training sessions to improve retention strategies based on the data collected during these one-on-one interviews. The greater the participation rate of local employers, the better the sessions and strategies were tailored. As more information is gathered on what businesses need, the training board will be better equipped to obtain more funding and provide greater services to the manufacturers of eastern Ontario.

Attract More People to Exciting Careers in Manufacturing

Consider contacting the Eastern Ontario Training Board to participate in their programs to better promote your entry-level manufacturing positions. Instead of doing it all in-house, get some help launching a similar social media campaign. You can effectively showcase your workforce, your exciting careers, and the benefits of working at your company in order to better attract your future workforce.

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