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The Best of Eastern Ontario Manufacturing

The eastern Ontario region is home to an established manufacturing cluster and the industry continues to grow. With over 65,000 workers employed in eastern Ontario manufacturing, the region is heavily invested in keeping the industry powered by people and technology. 

The Best of the Blog: Eastern Ontario Manufacturing

To highlight the importance of manufacturing to eastern Ontario, and to showcase just how crucial the industry is, the following 5 blog posts are summarized. In addition, the blog posts describe how the people who are employed by the sector enjoy fulfilling careers and excellent quality of life. 

1. Life in Eastern Ontario Is Supported by Modern Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a large part of the Canadian economy, contributing greater than 5% to the national GDP. The industry and companies situated in eastern Ontario provide many jobs for the residents of the region. 

The Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Workforce Development Project (EOMWDP) was undertaken to ensure the growth of the industry. The EOMWDP lets people know about the high-tech career options available. The project promotes manufacturing careers as first-choice jobs and showcases the training options in the region that can prepare you for your next position.

2. Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Embraces Technology Adoption

Eastern Ontario’s major players invest in technology that has created more opportunities for you to find jobs in robotics, engineering, electrical and mechanical skilled trades. 

Chris King, CEO of the Quinte Economic Development Commission states:

"Manufacturing has changed. In our region, these plants are leaders of the newest technology (like robotics). They offer clean, technology focused places to work with lots of career advancement opportunities.”

3. 5 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Work in Eastern Ontario

image5-1Not only is there a strong manufacturing presence in the region, but jobs are available right now, meaning you can begin looking into your options for future employment. The blog post also provides information on the housing costs in the area and where you can find training to prepare for your next job. 

For example, there are nearly twice as many manufacturing job openings in eastern Ontario than there are in Toronto. On top of that, the price of a typical detached home is 2.7 times higher in Toronto than in Belleville (a city in eastern Ontario). 

4. What’s Life Actually Like in Eastern Ontario?

Beyond the fantastic career opportunities in high-tech fields, eastern Ontario is a place where people love to live. Work-life balance is better, because the region offers beautiful landscapes, provincial parks and waterfront all for an affordable cost of living. You don’t need to travel anywhere else on the weekend to get away.

Many of the towns in eastern Ontario are home to cultural resources that provide activities and events outside of work. Belleville has a symphony and ballet, and hosts many concerts. Kingston is right on the water making it easy to go sailing, swimming or kayaking. Kawartha Lakes is known for its community of artisans and outdoor markets. An added bonus to having extracurricular activities in your neighbourhood is that you also ditch the dreaded city driving when you live and work in eastern Ontario. 

5. The Solution to the High Cost of Living

If you currently live in the city, it can be difficult to get ahead financially. House prices continue to soar in places like Toronto and the surrounding suburbs. Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto is now an average of $2300 per month, with two-bedroom units being rented for $3000 per month. But there’s a solution to the rising cost of living: looking for a home and work just two hours east of Toronto. 

Eastern Ontario offers much more affordable housing options right in the towns that have job openings. If you don’t have a technical background or the job descriptions don’t fit your current resume, there are free training programs to get you up to speed. 

Exciting Careers and Excellent Cost of Living

To illustrate the dramatic cost differences between large city living and eastern Ontario, dig into the free infographic. 

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