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How to Use Labour Market Information for Recent Immigrants

Over the next 10 years, the growth of Canada’s labour force is expected to slow significantly, due to high retirement and low fertility rates. The Labour Market Information Council (LMiC) published a report in 2019, which examined labour market trends both in general and with special focus on labour market information for recent immigrants.
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How to Develop New Skills for Work in the Eastern Ontario Region

Across eastern Ontario there are programs to help job seekers develop new skills. Giving job seekers access to quality training means they can better prepare for stable, full-time work. It also connects them to jobs waiting on the other side of the training. A good example is the upskilling program Elevate Plus which helps job seekers upskill and start working upon graduation with the program’s employers.
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Best Places to Live Outside of Toronto: 9 Powerful Reasons to Relocate

Things have shifted a lot in the world recently, from jobs to housing, creating the need for many people to consider relocating.
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6 Manufacturing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

The story of manufacturing is more than a story about factory lines.
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5 Manufacturing Sectors Thriving in Eastern Ontario

Manufacturing sectors in eastern Ontario are varied and vibrant.
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An Emerging Manufacturing Trend: Robotics

When people think of robotics, they tend to think of pop culture (think C-3PO or the Terminator), probably because many people have never encountered a robot in real life.
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An Emerging Manufacturing Trend: Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is a huge current manufacturing trend.
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Spotlight on 9 of Eastern Ontario Region’s Innovative Manufacturers

Manufacturing in eastern Ontario is rich with many successful and vibrant sectors, including food processing, signage, plastics, personal care products, acrylics, chemicals and electronics.
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Could the Region Benefit from an Ontario Immigration Strategy?

Regions outside the GTA are struggling to find skilled labour to fill their workforce needs.
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No Degree Required: Skills Needed for Manufacturing

As technology continues to support the manufacturing sector, and advances in AI and automation are integrated into the workplace, the need for highly skilled workers is on the rise.
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