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Job Seekers With Disabilities: Connect With Discover Ability Ontario

Chances are, if you’re an Ontario job seeker, you’ve already heard of Magnet (but if not, here’s a quick recap: Magnet is an online platform, connecting job seekers with opportunities in the province). But did you know that Magnet is now powering a new tool to connect employers to people with disabilities. Job seekers with disabilities, meet Discover Ability Ontario

Here’s How Discover Ability Ontario Works

Step 1: Create a Profile

Create a showcase that allows you to showcase your talents and skills. The Discover Ability Network allows you to self declare as a person with disabilities. Optimize your profile by including work experience and education, certifications and licenses and skills. If it’s difficult to identify your skills, Discover Ability Ontario suggests making a simple list of things you like and are good at to determine your skills from. For example, if you like to cook, you have culinary skills. If you’re good at brainteasers, you’ve got problem solving skills. 

Step 2: Get Matched With Employers 

Once you’ve set up your job preferences in your profile you will be notified when your profile matches with a job opportunity. By self-declaring as a person with disabilities on Magnet, you will enable over 15,000 employers to be able to exclusively target you. These opportunities can’t be accessed without self-declaration and self-declaration remains private. In other words, employers will not be able to see if you’ve self-declared, they will only see the information you’ve included in your job applications. 

Step 3: View Your Job Invites

Once you’re matched with an opportunity, you have the option to review all of your matches and apply to the jobs you’re most interested in. 

Step 4: Check Your Inbox

You’ll receive notifications when an employer reviews your profile or wants to connect with you. The platform also keeps you informed of upcoming events, exclusive job fairs by the top Canadian employers for job seekers with disabilities through in-system target messages. 

The eastern Ontario region is trying to make it easier for employers to connect with job seekers with disabilities by helping them tap into the Hidden Workforce and providing recruitment help. Find out more about the opportunities for job seekers in the eastern Ontario region

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