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Virtual School Tours to Make Your Post-Secondary Choice

Students in eastern Ontario can find exactly what they want from their post-secondary education in the region. Many schools have full- and part-time courses plus continuing education and online learning options. These schools provide the education you’ll need to find good jobs, in sectors like manufacturing, in eastern Ontario and beyond.

Right now, virtual school tours are the way to go to give you an idea of the location, atmosphere and learning environment of the university or college you're thinking of attending. The great thing about virtual tours is you can see all of the schools you want for free. No travel expenses and big-time commitments. (Though, once COVID restrictions lessen, on-site visits can be a very exciting part of your post-secondary journey.)  

While some schools have scheduled virtual open houses tailored to new students, you can usually take a tour whenever it suits your schedule. 

Here’s a list of post-secondary schools in eastern Ontario. There's links to their virtual tours too. Go through them all or simply choose your top three, then sit back and enjoy the tour.

Universities in Eastern Ontario: Info & School Tours

Trent University 

  • has campuses in Peterborough and the Durham region.

What they say…

“Trent graduates of Nursing and Mathematics reported a 100% graduate employment rate two years after graduation; Physical Science grads reported a 100% graduate employment rate six months after graduation.”

Visit Trent University here: https://www.trentu.ca/futurestudents/undergraduate/applicants/stay-connected/book-tour

Queen's University

What they say…

“Queen’s research-intensive environment and interdisciplinary program offerings provide students with the comprehensive and nimble skills required in today’s competitive and evolving workforce with 91% of Queen’s grads employed within six months after graduation.”

Visit Queen’s University here: https://www.queensubound.queensu.ca/

Royal Military College (RMC)

  • is located in Kingston and focused on people serving in the Canadian Armed Forces.

What they say…

RMC was established for the purpose of providing a complete education in all branches of military tactics, fortification, engineering, and general scientific knowledge in subjects connected with and necessary to thorough knowledge of the military profession.

No virtual tours right now, but bookmark this link so you can see when they start: https://www.rmc-cmr.ca/en/registrars-office/visiting-rmcc.

Ontario Tech University (UOIT)

  • is located in Oshawa.

What they say…

“Tech with a conscience. We aim to improve the lives of humans and the planet through the ethical application of technology. It’s a key component in our teaching and learning practices, administrative processes and innovative research projects.”

Visit the Ontario Tech University: ttps://ontariotechu.ca/future-students/undergraduate/campus-tours-and-events/index.php

Carleton University

  • is located in Ottawa.

What they say…

Carleton strives for innovation in research, teaching and learning; encourages hands-on experience in the classroom and offers exceptional student support.

Visit Carleton University: https://admissions.carleton.ca/campustours/

University of Ottawa

  • is located in Ottawa.

What they say…

“The University of Ottawa is the largest bilingual (English-French) university in the world. Located at the heart of Canada’s capital, we have ready access to the great institutions of our country. Our advances in social sciences, health, engineering, science and the humanities make uOttawa a unique place to learn, grow and excel.”

Visit uOttawa: https://www.uottawa.ca/undergraduate-admissions/campus-tours

Colleges in Eastern Ontario: Info & School Tours 

school tours image

Algonquin College

  • has campuses in Ottawa, Perth and Pembroke.

What they say…

The Algonquin College vision is to be a global leader in personalized, digitally connected, experiential learning, promoting the values of caring, integrity, learning, respect.

Visit Algonquin College: https://www.algonquincollege.com/future-students/virtual-events/

St. Lawrence College 

  • has campuses in Kingston, Brockville and Cornwall.

What they say...

“We offer more than 100 full-time programs on our campuses in Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall and online, including fast-track delivery, graduate certificates, and four-year degrees. Our international partnerships and articulation agreements mean you can take your St. Lawrence College education further with opportunities around the world.”

Visit the three St. Lawrence College campuses:

Fleming College

  • has campuses in Peterborough, Lindsay, Haliburton and Coburg.

What they say…

Fleming College strives to provide its students with the innovative education, research and real-world experiences they need to build better lives, better communities and a better world.

Plus promoting the values of responsiveness, innovation, collaboration, inclusiveness and accountability

Visit Fleming College: https://flemingcollege.ca/openhouse

Loyalist College

  • is located in Belleville.

What they say...

Loyalist college focuses on the individual and collective success of students, faculty, staff, and the community. Designing customized solutions for real-world challenges that they face and building relationships using relevant communication channels and eliminating barriers to the full and meaningful participation of all.

Visit Loyalist College: https://www.loyalistcollege.com/future-students/book-a-visit/campus-tour-form/

La Cité

  • has campuses in Ottawa, Orleans, Hawkesbury and Toronto.

What they say…

“As the largest French-speaking college of applied arts and technology in Ontario, La Cité makes a point of contributing to the promotion and development of the French language.”

Visit La Cité: https://www.collegelacite.ca/visite-nos-campus

Students and job seekers can find more training outside of traditional university and college full-time program settings. If that better suits your lifestyle, check out more training available in the eastern Ontario region. Download the job seekers guide.

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