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Job Seekers, Moving to Eastern Ontario Is a Good Investment

Hey there. Yes, you. Hey! Welcome to eastern Ontario where the work is plentiful, the homes are affordable, and there’s lots of lifestyle options so you can choose your own life adventure/life path.

Are you a job seeker looking to relocate from Toronto or elsewhere because it’s too expensive and maybe does not have a lot of opportunity for you? You’re in luck, because eastern Ontario has great things to offer workers and their families for work-life balance and affordability.

Eastern Ontario Is the Choice for Job Seekers

Toronto and other big city centres are great for their diversity, entertainment and culture. No argument here, big cities are fun. However, affordability, access to green spaces and job growth can be lacking in those same cities. What if you could be close enough to access all the great things about urban centres and still be able to work a great job, buy a property you love and experience different cultures without the crowds?

Welcome to eastern Ontario.

How Moving to Eastern Ontario Gets You More for Your Money

Here we’re going to look at the cost of living in Toronto compared to the cost of living in two eastern Ontario regions: the City of Kingston and the City of Brockville. These two cities are unique within eastern Ontario, and they bookend all of the great small towns, villages and wide-open spaces in between. There’s a mix of rural and urban communities you can choose from in eastern Ontario.

With help from LivingCost.Org,  you can see how much it’ll cost you to live in Toronto, Kingston and Brockville, so you can decide for yourself if moving to eastern Ontario is right for you financially.

Cost of Living in Kingston

The City of Kingston, on Lake Ontario, is full of culture and higher education plus a variety of recreational opportunities whichever direction you travel and for whatever you like to do outside. It’s also a quick trip to Toronto so you’re not missing out on what you love there too.

information courtesy of LivingCost.org

You can also see for yourself how much further your money will go, based on your unique circumstances, using this cost-of-living calculator for Kingston, Ontario.

Cost of Living in Brockville

The City of Brockville is a smaller centre close to rural areas, built along Highway 401. Brockville is on the historic St. Lawrence River and close to Ottawa, Canada’s capital.

information courtesy of LivingCost.org

Now that you can see what Kingston and Brockville have to offer and how much you’ll spend to live there, let’s look at Toronto.

Cost of Living in Toronto

Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It’s a vast, multicultural urban centre situated on Lake Ontario and surrounded by suburban communities that make up the Greater Toronto Area. It’s also an expensive place to live. 

A quick comparison of the cost of living for a family of four shows you paying a whopping $4873 per month in Toronto. In Kingston, costs are almost $1000 less at $3938 per month. Brockville comes in as the least expensive at $3571 per month. 

information courtesy of LivingCost.org

Eastern Ontario Is Good for Work-Life Balance

You can see from the cost-of-living breakdowns that Toronto is the costlier place to live. The good news for job seekers looking to relocate to eastern Ontario is that you can live more affordably with a higher quality of life AND still be close enough to get your TO fix. You can make it the best of both worlds.

If you want to find a good job to help your relocation along, you can find work in manufacturing, education, trades and academia. Plus there’s support for upskilling to get the job you want and integration support to help new Canadians make their home here.

Seriously thinking about relocating to eastern Ontario? Find out more about what the region has to offer you and how it compares to other regions in Canada. 

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