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Start Your Skilled Trade Job Search in Eastern Ontario

When you’ve moved to a new country (or if you’ve lived here for a while) one of the most pressing and stressful tasks ahead is finding a well-paying job. Combine your job search with finding a place to live with a high quality of life, perhaps learning a new language or culture, and navigating immigration bureaucracy, becoming a new Canadian is stressful. 

Out of the need to destress this process, Skilled Trade Jobs, a referral system for new Canadians, was born. 

Why Should You Care About Skilled Trades?

The skilled trades are cutting edge sectors that require a range of skills, expertise, and training. They are high-paying jobs with opportunity for growth, skill development, and career longevity. 

Visit the Skilled Trade Jobs page to learn about how much you can make right now in a skilled trades job.   

The Benefits of Living in Eastern Ontario

Eastern Ontario is the place to build your career and your home in Canada. There are plenty of opportunities for skilled trades jobs in eastern Ontario, as well as skills development, training, and education from the four universities and five colleges in the region. 

Eastern Ontario has a high quality of life with a lower cost of living compared to the major cities that surround it. You’ll be able to afford a home, have access to amenities and community services. And those major cities are just a few hours drive away. 

Start Skilled Trades Job Search Now

Learn about tools and resources for new Canadians, opportunities in eastern Ontario, and sign up for the Skilled Trades Jobs referral system here. 

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