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How You Can Improve Pandemic Living by Relocating for Work

The pandemic made us realize that the real-world space we occupy can affect our mental and physical health. If you’re thinking about rejoining the workforce and relocating for work to improve your all-around health options, think about moving to eastern Ontario.  

When COVID first hit, living in highly populated areas was scary. Lockdowns meant no outdoor spaces for those living in multi-unit buildings with no access to private yards or public spaces close by. Even now as we enter the third year of the pandemic, the opportunities to feel free can be few and far between when you’re surrounded by people and competing for your own space. Real estate prices have skyrocketed, especially in already high-cost markets, putting homeownership and backyards out of reach for many.

While the past two years have wreaked havoc on mental health, some positive changes have also occurred that open possibilities for people looking to improve their quality of life and make a life change.

How the Pandemic Has Made Life Choices Like Moving to Eastern Ontario Popular

There’s been no better time to think about making positive changes in your life than now during the pandemic. There is hope for a better quality of life, even as we work through COVID’s impact on society.

3 Ways Moving to Eastern Ontario Is Better for Your Health

Eastern Ontario has smaller urban areas and large swathes of rural and natural land. Public parks, conservation areas and other outdoor recreation opportunities mean you can do more activities without fear of infection.

  1. Large, easily accessible public outdoor spaces give you more opportunities to get outside and keep your distance.
  2. Affordable, single-family homes offer you private outdoor space for playing with your kids and pets and for enjoying your morning coffee within your bubble.
  3. Higher vaccination rates (the region of the  Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit leads the country in fully vaccinated people) mean your neighbours are better protected and protecting you from contracting and transmitting the virus.

3 Ways Relocating for Work and Moving to Eastern Ontario Is Better for Your Mental Health

Work-from-home mandates opened up new opportunities to find more me-time for workers who have spent their working lives commuting. Long drives or transit rides to and from work have taken up a lot of living time. Now, with work-from-home options being accepted by many employers, workers can live further from their head offices and still retain their jobs.

  1. High-speed internet in eastern Ontario ensures you can get your work done remotely. You have more time for your personal life because you’re not spending hours commuting, easing stress.
  2. Access to essential services and entertainment amidst a lower population eases the distancing burden, making it less stressful to meet your needs such as shopping and social interactions.
  3. Physical activity and fresh air have been proven to help ease anxiety and benefit your mental health.  Eastern Ontario has many open spaces you can use to stay active and limit your contact with people.

3 Ways You Can Thrive in Eastern Ontario

A land of opportunity can be found in eastern Ontario, as there are many different industries and work opportunities for job seekers. Plus you can achieve your own work-life balance with non-work-related activities to enhance your quality of life.

  1. If you’ve been dreaming of changing your career or improving your chances of promotion, free and affordable upskilling programs are available.
  2. Moving to a more affordable place can open up opportunities for you to change your career and become the full-time tradesperson, artist or small business owner you dreamed of because you’re not focussed on making ends meet. Spaces are available for you to work, and they’re cheaper than in the city.
  3. You can spend time with family and new friends doing your favourite or new activities that you might not have had easy access to in urban centres, creating a healthy work-life balance.

COVID has had disastrous effects on the world. However, there is a way forward for you to improve your life and live better in Canada while managing the pandemic. If you’re considering moving to eastern Ontario, take the opportunity to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Relocating for work and want to know more about what life is like in Eastern Ontario? Check out this infographic.

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