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Newcomers to Canada Find Training and Jobs in Eastern Ontario

Moving to a new country or region can be overwhelming. It requires a lot of time, energy, and money to prepare, move, and settle in. If you’re a newcomer to Canada, moving to eastern Ontario you will receive access to training, resources, assistance organizations, and a community that welcomes them with open arms. Read on to learn about how Ontario East and the employers of the region are ready to help you settle into your new home.
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Job Seekers: You Want to Read This

The process of finding a job is tough. Job searching is time consuming, stressful, and often demoralizing. Ontario East created and collected this list of resources to help make your job search experience easier. Read on to find more information on upskilling and training programs to help you keep up with your field or enter a new one; get job seeker support; and find out why living and working in eastern Ontario continues to be one of the best decisions job seekers can make.
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A Working List of Organizations Helping Newcomers to Canada

Canadian and Ontario-based organizations and agencies are working hard to help newcomers to Canada find their forever homes and contribute to the workforce. If you are a newcomer to Canada you may already know that many of these organizations exist but don’t know where or how to access them. That’s where this list comes in! We’ve compiled this working list of organizations helping newcomers to Canada - that means we’ll update this list as we get word of new organizations and agencies.
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Relocation Advice for Newcomers to Canada

So you’re thinking about relocating to Canada, more specifically eastern Ontario. Now what? Eastern Ontario is a region filled with opportunity. Many cities and towns within the region have been voted as some of the best places to live, the quality of life is high and cost of living is low. There are multiple post-secondary institutions with many opportunities for upskilling, training, and education, and many jobs. But the task of relocation can be overwhelming so we’ve collected relocation advice here to help you make the move to eastern Ontario.
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Job Seekers With Disabilities: Connect With Discover Ability Ontario

Chances are, if you’re an Ontario job seeker, you’ve already heard of Magnet (but if not, here’s a quick recap: Magnet is an online platform, connecting job seekers with opportunities in the province). But did you know that Magnet is now powering a new tool to connect employers to people with disabilities. Job seekers with disabilities, meet Discover Ability Ontario.
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Calling All Job Seekers: Don’t Miss Free Online Training

In April 2021, Ontario employers were actively recruiting for an estimated 250,000 jobs, but by June 2021, Ontario’s unemployment rate was 8.4%. With job seekers in such high demand but the unemployment rate so high, there was clearly a disconnect between employers and job seekers in 2021. One explanation for this disconnect could be that the skills employers needed were not the skills reflected in the applicants. The good news? Up to 100,000 Ontario workers and job seekers could receive free online training to gain the skills and knowledge needed to restart their careers.
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How You Can Improve Pandemic Living by Relocating for Work

The pandemic made us realize that the real-world space we occupy can affect our mental and physical health. If you’re thinking about rejoining the workforce and relocating for work to improve your all-around health options, think about moving to eastern Ontario.
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Job Seekers, Moving to Eastern Ontario Is a Good Investment

Hey there. Yes, you. Hey! Welcome to eastern Ontario where the work is plentiful, the homes are affordable, and there’s lots of lifestyle options so you can choose your own life adventure/life path.
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Start Your Skilled Trade Job Search in Eastern Ontario

When you’ve moved to a new country (or if you’ve lived here for a while) one of the most pressing and stressful tasks ahead is finding a well-paying job. Combine your job search with finding a place to live with a high quality of life, perhaps learning a new language or culture, and navigating immigration bureaucracy, becoming a new Canadian is stressful.
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How to Re-Enter the Workforce: Upskilling for a Good Job

If you’ve been out of work for any length of time it can be a challenge to know how to re-enter the workforce. Your previous jobs might not be available or in-demand anymore because of changes in the economy, automation and new technology.
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