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Job Seekers: You Want to Read This

The process of finding a job is tough. Job searching is time consuming, stressful, and often demoralizing. Ontario East created and collected this list of resources to help make your job search experience easier. Read on to find more information on upskilling and training programs to help you keep up with your field or enter a new one; get job seeker support; and find out why living and working in eastern Ontario continues to be one of the best decisions job seekers can make. 

Job Seeker Programs to Help You Upskill

Upskilling helps you stay relevant in your field when you find yourself out of work. It’s also a helpful tool to allow you to pivot into a new career. College diplomas, university degrees, and apprenticeships are the most common kind of workforce development programs but there are also a lot of free programs available to job seekers in eastern Ontario, like Future Skills Project and Connect2Jobs. For job seekers in eastern Ontario looking to get into manufacturing, look no further than the Elevate Plus program. Elevate Plus will allow you to enter your new career with:

  • zero debt
  • a graduation certificate from Loyalist College
  • job search support
  • on-the-job training and experience, and 
  • a 2-week job trial

If you don’t qualify for the Elevate Plus program, Pathways to Production offers new career training opportunities if you want to start a career in manufacturing. 

There are also workforce development programs aimed at helping new Canadians: 

Find every single skills training program available in eastern Ontario right here: 

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Find Support in Eastern Ontario

Ontario East also has programs, resources, and support for job seekers in the form of: 

Spousal employment support: When you’re looking for work, opportunities for your spouse and family will affect your decision. There are many programs available to help you and your partner find job seeker help like, the Skills Catalyst Fund, Rapid Skills for St. Lawrence College, and Fleming College’s Altitude - Aviation Sector

If you want to learn how to switch careers, use resources like: 

  • LinkedIn #OpenToWork tool by letting recruiters know you’re open to new opportunities
  • follow employment trends using labour market information (LMI)
  • connect with organizations like the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, helping people switch careers in your area

Job seekers with disabilities now have access to the Discover Ability, a tool available from the Magnet job search platform that empowers disabled job seekers to connect with employers. 

International students in eastern Ontario can check out these tools and programs to help with your job search and upskilling opportunities. 

international student resources

Why Job Seekers Should Choose Eastern Ontario

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected quality of life and employment for so many and while there are many factors outside of job seekers’ control, one thing job seekers can do to improve quality of life is to choose eastern Ontario. 

Here’s what eastern Ontario has to offer.

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If you are thinking about relocating for work to improve pandemic or post-pandemic quality of life, consider all of the ways you’ll thrive in eastern Ontario. Eastern Ontario has affordable housing, and lots of outdoor space, access to high-speed internet and essential services, and many opportunities for skills training and employment. Moving to eastern Ontario helps job seekers save money and improves quality of life. 

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