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Don’t Overlook This In Your Job Search: Find the Best Quality of Life

When you’re looking for your next job some of the most important factors you look for might be: compensation, benefits, company history and reputation, working hours, job responsibilities, and opportunities for advancement. But there’s one factor you might not consider that’s just as important to your job search success and your professional and personal happiness: quality of life

We want to be happy at work, but if we’re not happy when we go home or during our time off our work can suffer. Here’s why Ontario East has the best quality of life (in our humble opinion). 

The Best Quality of Life Is Found In Ontario East

Some of the most important factors to a high quality of life include: 

  • cost of living 

  • leisure activities

  • economic security 

Here’s how Ontario East hits all of these factors, ensuring that you’ll love where you work and live.

Cost of Living*

A family of 4 in one eastern Ontario city (Kingston) can rent a home for around $4500 or $1200 for a single person, according to Numbeo. On average, the cost of living in eastern Ontario - across all towns in the region - is lower than Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. Real estate prices are lower than the national average. On average, homeowners in: 

  • Bancroft and surrounding area pay $477,000 

  • Quinte and surrounding areas pay $538,000

  • Kingston and surrounding area pay $540,000

  • Peterborough and the Kawarthas pay $630,000

When compared to the provincial average of $865,000, Ontario East comes out on top. 

*data collected from CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association)

Leisure Activities

There is so much to do in Ontario East. Enjoy sandy beaches or boating on Lake Ontario or the many lakes and rivers in the region. Camp in the Haliburton Highlands or Bon Echo Provincial Park. Visit the hundreds of festivals throughout the region, celebrating the tastes, makers, and history of the region. Celebrate Pride, explore the many small businesses in the villages, towns, and cities in the area. Take a drive or hop on a train to one of the nearby larger city centres like Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal. 

Learn more about what’s happening in and around Ontario East: 

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Economic Security

Ontario East continues to grow as a hub for multiple, high-demand sectors driving the Canadian economy, including:

  • advanced manufacturing

  • agriculture and food processing

  • logistics and distribution

The workforce in the region is highly skilled, there are many opportunities for upskilling for job seekers, and the skills required for many of these sectors are transferable and have longevity. The average income in Ontario East is $64,155 annually or $32.90 per hour, according to Talent.com. Residents experience lower than average commutes compared to larger city centres like Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal.  

Don’t Let Quality of Life Slide In Your Next Interview

In your next job interview, empower yourself to take charge and learn more about your future job. Ask your interviewer about the quality of life in the area; they’re likely experts! You’ll show the organization that you are committed to setting down roots in the community and that they can count on you to commit. 

Employers, share information about the quality of life in your community on your job postings and social media!

Ontario East has been named one of the best places to live more than once, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Discover what matters most and why you’ll find it in eastern Ontario. 

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