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How to Modernize Employment and Skills in Manufacturing

Canada’s economy is doing very well. There has been plenty of job creation in past years and the GTA is in particularly fine form. Ontario’s unemployment rate has been hovering just below 6%, and skilled immigrants are coming from all parts of the globe to take part in Ontario’s workforce.
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Modernize Investment in Training and Development in Manufacturing

When most people think about workplace training, they think about onboarding training for new employees, or the sort of annual “check the box” training that most people (including even sometimes the people who give the training) don’t take very seriously. 
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Laminacorr Thrives in the Competitive Corrugated Plastics Industry

Laminacorr has operated in manufacturing in eastern Ontario since 2013 in the Cornwall Business Park. The 21-year-old company owned by Guy Robichaud and family employs 60 workers and has grown to be the largest independent corrugated plastics product manufacturer in North America.
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SigmaPoint Technologies’ Bold Vision of Electronic Manufacturing

SigmaPoint Technologies is located in Cornwall in eastern Ontario, and was founded in 1999 by Dan Bergeron, who still runs the company today. The company culture respects every person and has successfully grown from 5 to over 300 committed employees in 20 years.
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How to Thrive in Winter in Canada

As the Baby Boomer generation leaves the workforce, many new jobs are becoming available across the country, especially in manufacturing. There are many opportunities in Canada, including in the eastern Ontario region, for new Canadians. 
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Increase Your Job Prospects with SkillsAdvance Ontario (SAO)

SkillsAdvance Ontario (SAO) can help you find available jobs in manufacturing and will set you up with the skills development you need. The SAO program exists to give you the best shot possible at landing a secure, well-paying, exciting job in eastern Ontario’s manufacturing sector.
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How to Boost Hiring with the Eastern Ontario Training Board

Rather than trying to do everything within your manufacturing company, there are many resources available to you right in eastern Ontario. In addition to your local workforce development offices and economic development officers, you have the Eastern Ontario Training Board to help you with hiring and employee retention.
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Play the Game of Life in Eastern Ontario… and Win

Dear reader, I have a question for you. What is life?
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What’s Life Actually Like in Eastern Ontario?

As house prices and the general cost of living continue to climb in major cities, you might be considering alternatives. You need to first find a location that has a perfect job for you. Then you can start to look into what life is like in other cities in Ontario. The province’s best kept secret for work-life balance is living in eastern Ontario.
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Manufacturing Trends That You Need to Know

The manufacturing industry is entrenched in eastern Ontario, but is rapidly changing and improving in response to many external factors. To continue to thrive, manufacturing needs to stay on top of key trends.
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