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5 Reasons Why You'll Want to Work in Eastern Ontario

Eastern Ontario is a great place to work and live. You’ll find great jobs, affordable housing, natural scenery, and friendly communities. It’s a great place to play outside (on land or water), join a sports team, catch a live show, or find a new hobby.
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Discover One of the Best Job Search Tools

Getting information about jobs that are available now is great, but what if you could also access archived Ontario job-ad information from the previous twelve months? You’d have access to all that information - from advertised salaries to required skill sets - making you way more informed before you even start your job search. 
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What Skills Do You Need for the Future of Work

We’ve come a long way from the days when the three Rs of “reading, writing and ‘arithmetic” covered all the bases. To find satisfying employment, you will need a much wider range of transferable skills for the future of work.
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Free Training for Job Seekers in Eastern Ontario

The Elevate Plus Training Program provides free six-week training for jobs in the eastern Ontario manufacturing sector, specifically within Bay of Quinte. The project was created by employers and educators to deliver exactly the skills required to be successful in a career within the industry.
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How to Optimize Manufacturing Onboarding Training

With training new hires foremost in your mind for the next five years as more and more baby boomers retire, you - along with many manufacturing executives - will be looking for ways to optimize manufacturing onboarding training. Why focus on onboarding?
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What Will the Jobs of the Future Be?

As you begin to think about your future, you’re probably wondering how you can have an impact on this world, in a job that is stable, and even fun. 
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Why You Need to Develop Future Skills, Right Now

The job search process is intense, and it can feel like a full-time job itself. Updating your resumé, keeping on top of online job postings, and getting to interviews can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start, and how to be the best candidate for your dream job.
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How to Use Social Media to Attract Youth to Manufacturing

If you’re looking to attract youth to jobs in manufacturing, it helps to speak their language. 
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The Hidden Value of Manufacturing Jobs for Millennials

When employees feel that they have achieved a work-life balance, their stress levels stay low, which allows them to be more engaged and productive employees.
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