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Looking for Your Next Manufacturing Business Magazine?

You're busy running a business: hiring, training, and keeping up with technology, manufacturing trends, and sector changes. You likely don't have much time to go out and find manufacturing resources, so we've compiled the top 3 magazines for you.
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3 Ways to Welcome New Canadians to Your Business

New Canadians are an important talent source for manufacturers, but they're dealing with a lot: moving to a new place, acclimatizing to a new culture and its customs, unfamiliar weather, and maybe learning a second or third language as well. Here are 3 ways your manufacturing company can welcome new Canadians.
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Moving to Canada? Here's What to Expect from Canadian Weather

As a new Canadian, you may be excited about the opportunities in Canada’s eastern Ontario region, like the many manufacturing jobs opening up over the next few years as Baby Boomers leave the workforce.
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What’s Life Like in Cornwall and the Surrounding Area?

Baby Boomers are retiring and manufacturing jobs are becoming available. The Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Workforce Development Plan (EOMWDP) data indicates that in the last quarter of 2017, there
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Use Virtual Reality to Find Out if Manufacturing Is the Career for You

What if you could simulate what your future career would look like before you made plans for education and training? You might find that the career you are planning for isn’t what you thought it was. Or you might find that it’s even more interesting and exciting than you anticipated.
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You Don’t Have to Leave Your Post Secondary Community After Graduation

After graduating from college or university, your first thought is likely to move back home while you figure out where you’re going to work. It’s cheaper to live at home with your family in the short term, and you’re familiar
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Optimize Your Hiring Process with Magnet

Knowing where to post your job opportunities online can be a daunting task, with many options available, all requiring different formats. To simplify the hiring process and optimize your chances of finding the best
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Job Searching? Here’s Why You Want to Be on Magnet

If you’ve been online searching for jobs, you’ve likely come across the usual suspects: Indeed, Monster, or even jobs posted on specific company websites. The job board that you might not have heard of yet, but that is worth signing up for, is Magnet.
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Worried About Labour Retention for Ontario Manufacturing?

As Baby Boomers increasingly leave the workforce over the next decade for retirement, the next generation of workers will need to take their place. In past blog posts, we’ve discussed many methods of attracting Millennial workers to manufacturing. But that’s only half the puzzle.
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Optimize Your Manufacturing Training Onboarding Process

You are aware that most often an employee onboarding process can be overwhelming both to the organization and the new employee. Onboarding is often filled with bureaucracy and tedium at best and, at worst, is an experience so unpleasant that it contributes to high employee turnover.
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