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Job Seekers in Eastern Ontario: Enroll in Free Elevate Plus Program

If you are looking for a new career with a steady paycheque that allows you to live a comfortable lifestyle, the Elevate Plus program in the Bay of Quinte can help. Just one of 21 training programs offered in eastern Ontario, Elevate Plus provides free training and on-the-job experience to Bay of Quinte job seekers who want to upskill or reskill for a career in the local manufacturing or food processing industries.If you’re not in the Bay of Quinte area, download the Skills Advance Ontario Job Seekers infographic at the end of this article to find a similar program near you.

You are eligible for the Elevate Plus program if you are over 18 and working less than 20 hours per week. You have a strong desire to gain full-time employment with the opportunity to start or restart a career. You must be able to attend classes and an on-site work placement for 6 weeks.

Elevate Plus Program Is One Example of Workforce Development in Eastern Ontario 

There’s many employment programs across eastern Ontario to help job seekers find what they want. Elevate Plus provides comprehensive job-specific skills, literacy skills, tech skills and other essential skills to help you start or restart a career in the Bay of Quinte area. Take advantage of free skills training and hands-on experience targeted specifically to qualify you for sustainable, long-term employment, even if you are currently unemployed or underemployed.

Enter Your New Career With:

  • Zero debt (Elevate Plus is free)
  • Graduation certificate from Loyalist College
  • Help and support to find employment
  • On-the-job training and experience
  • Two-week job trial period to ensure the job is a good fit

Bay of Quinte Job Seekers: Work Where You Want to Live

With a new career, you’ll be able to stay in the area and live where you want. Support yourself and your family with the high-quality life you desire in the Bay of Quinte. 

You’ll have lots of downtime for the activities you enjoy. Get outdoors. Take the family hiking, camping, fishing, boating or skiing. Enjoy local food and beverages. Buy a house with a large yard and space for the people and things you love.

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The short-term Elevate Plus program has no tuition fees for participants, which means you will complete the program with no additional debt to worry about. More of your paycheque goes straight into your pocket from your very first day on the job.

Not living near Bay of Quinte? You can find training for good jobs and affordable lifestyles across eastern Ontario.

Prepare Now for Your New Career With the Elevate Plus Program

As a successful participant, you will be hired for a job that is waiting for you with one of the local employer partners. You’ll receive ongoing coaching, mentoring and support that continues after you have completed the program.

If you are ready to improve your life and your future, sign up now for the next session of the Elevate Plus program and take the first step towards a rewarding career in manufacturing or food processing today.

All job seekers in eastern Ontario can access upskilling and reskilling programs in the region.

Find training for the job you want offered in your area of eastern Ontario.

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