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How Spousal Employment Support Can Help When You Move For Your Job

Helping partners find stable work is the foundation of spousal employment support programs. Sometimes the job demands of one half of a couple can complicate the job search and options for the other person. 

In 2020, which was tumultuous for many, opportunities arose for job seekers to work in non-traditional ways. Remote work became more readily accepted and encouraged. Other types of work in food processing and manufacturing in eastern Ontario has opened up thousands of jobs. 

There are many job opportunities available whether you’ve recently relocated to the area or are looking for a career move. And, it’s not a problem if you don't have the skills for the jobs yet. There’s ample help to get you trained and working within only weeks or months after you enroll.

Why Job Seekers Need Spousal Employment Support 

When you’re looking for work, your partner and family needs can affect the decisions you make. If you’ve got a spouse who moves around often for work, you need to take that into consideration as you navigate the job market. If you’ve got kids, their care is an important factor in your life. 

Whether you’re looking for portable skills that help you seamlessly change locations, or qualifications for remote work that gives you a flexible work day, these upskilling and reskilling programs are available in the eastern Ontario region.

5 Spousal Employment Support Programs in Eastern Ontario

Eastern Ontario has thriving companies in sectors such as manufacturing, food processing, aviation, logistics, and technology. Professionals in these sectors and other skilled trade workers are in high demand. 

With that high demand comes a stress on the workforce. Employers have identified where the skill gaps are in the region. And, they’ve taken steps with economic development organizations and educational institutions to attract, train and employ job seekers.

There are jobs waiting for those who are the spouses of working partners or newly-relocated families. Plus, there are training spots open for your enrollment to make your career path clear and rewarding. Here are five training programs that are offering spousal employment support (p.s. they’re open to anyone who qualifies, spouse or not):

1. Elevate Plus 

The Elevate Plus – Military program helps military spouses and their adult children find work in lucrative sectors, like Financial Services, so that they’re able to fit a fulfilling career into the unique military lifestyle.  Former military personnel are also encouraged to take advantage of the training to help them acclimatize to civilian life with a second rewarding career. The free program offers both online classroom learning plus paid job placements so you can choose the job that’s right for you with the skills to succeed in it.

Ontario is investing $834,900 over two years in the Elevate Plus – Military program that also supports military spouses and their adult children. 

The Elevate Plus – Manufacturing program helps employers upskill or reskill potential new hires to meet their job opening requirements.  Graduates of the program will be ready to move up or take on manufacturing and food processing jobs. A two-week on-the-job trial helps both employer and employee make sure candidates are a good fit. The free skills training helps job seekers find good stable work in the manufacturing sector. The increased skilled labour force options gives manufacturers the tools to thrive, building stronger local economies benefiting the whole community. Both programs are offered by the Loyalist Knowledge & Training Centre in Belleville, Ontario.

2. Machine Trade Fundamentals and Steel And Aluminum, EOOC

The steel and aluminum sector is doing well in eastern Ontario. There are plenty of skilled job openings to be filled and training to help job seekers qualify. The Eastern Ontario College Consortium - Steel and Aluminum Project is training potential hires for existing jobs and providing new education to meet future work practices. You can train for hands-on work or prepare to take on a manufacturing management role in the steel aluminum and metal fabrication field.  Learn first-hand and adapt to new technologies, equipment and processes within the sector. If you live in the catchment areas of Algonquin, Fleming, St. Lawrence, La Cité and Loyalist Colleges, these programs are close by and ready to take on job seekers like you.

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3. Skills Catalyst Fund (Kingston or Cornwall)

The Skills Catalyst Fund is a multi-faceted skills training opportunity in Kingston and Cornwall to provide spousal employment support with hands-on learning. The program teaches candidates fundamental safety skills such as understanding and meeting industry safety skills safety standards including working with personal protective equipment and power tools plus other types of equipment. 

Plus, there are two labs to provide job seekers with an education in the skilled trade or personal wellness career they are interested in:

Skilled Trades Lab includes direction areas such as: 

  • Regulation standard installation procedures for wiring methods, 
  • Metals preparation, welding tasks and post-task operations, and
  • Trade calculations, sketching and drawing tools and technologies.

In the Personal Wellness Lab a food processing component provides:

  • Meal preparation, 
  • Introductory cooking skills (aligned with Cook Apprenticeship competencies), and
  • Health regulations for food handling, preparation and service.

Even better, the lab also includes knowledge for people looking to work in lifestyle sectors learning skills focussed on healthy eating and exercise to improve people’s quality of life.

4. Altitude - Aviation Sector (Fleming College, Peterborough)

The aviation industry is a significant employer in eastern Ontario. So if you’ve just moved to the area (or have to relocate), this training will make it easier to find a job in eastern Ontario. Job seekers looking for interesting career options can find training in avionics/electrical installation, airport management, aviation consulting or shipping/receiving. 

The aviation industry employs more than 22,000 people in 200 companies province-wide. 

You can start or enhance your career in the aviation industry with the help of this SkillsAdvance Ontario initiative. The Aviation Sector training is offered through Fleming College at the Peterborough Airport. And, you’ll connect with employers in Peterborough, Northumberland and Kawartha Lakes region.

5. Rapid Skills (St. Lawrence College - Cornwall or Kingston)

There’s a lot of large and small manufacturing and distribution businesses in eastern Ontario looking for skilled workers in advanced manufacturing and logistics. If you’re interested in learning new or upskilling in the following skill sets, you can do it fast with the Rapid Skills program. Here’s what you’ll learn to make you highly sought after in the manufacturing and distribution sectors:

  • Supply Chain and Blockchain Technologies and Supply Chain Software
  • Fulfilment and Inventory Optimization 
  • Fleet Optimization and Integrated Logistics
  • Quality Cybersecurity and Brand Awareness 
  • Integrity, 3-D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

Eastern Ontario is a great place to live offering many different types of living in urban and rural communities. Plus, it offers a variety of work so job seekers can choose a fulfilling career while meeting the needs of their families. 

If you’re looking for a good job and work-life balance, download the Job Seeker's Guide to upskilling and reskilling in eastern Ontario.

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