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Hiring Tools to Support Talent Retention: Discover LMI Help Desk

Labour market information (LMI) is data gold for the eastern Ontario workforce. Besides providing timely and accurate information about the labour market in our region, the data is used to respond to community needs to optimize the workforce landscape for employers and job seekers in the future. 

If you’re hiring in the eastern Ontario region right now or planning to start recruiting soon, LMI is one of the many recruiting tools you can use. The LMI Help Desk has made it easy for workforce development professionals, employers, and even job seekers to get access to LMI to better understand the job market. 

Hiring Tools Profile: LMI Help Desk

LMI Help Desk is a tool that stakeholders in eastern Ontario can use to answer questions about labour market information in the region. It’s really easy to use: 

  1. Follow this link and fill out the form
  2. Send an email to HelpDesk@wdb.ca
  3. Call LMI Help Desk directly at 705-749-3250, with your questions related to local LMI.

For example, you could ask about what skills are in demand in your area or what is the median wage for a specific job.

The service provided by each workforce planning board in the region will support future programming in response to each community's needs, such as:

  • education
  • skills development training
  • business plans and grant writing
  • hiring strategy help for employers

Hiring tools like LMI Help Desk support talent retention, mobile workforce preparation, and rapid new skills acquisition in the region. 

Looking for More Hiring Tools?

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