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How to Overcome Commute Problems for Talent Attraction

Employee commute problems affect all businesses whether you’re located within a transit-served area or off the beaten path. Problems like commuter congestion, lack of service and now COVID-19 safety concerns can wreak havoc on your production and your employees’ ability to make it to work on time or at all.
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Eastern Ontario Employers Creating a Thriving Business in Unsure Times

COVID-19 has disrupted workplaces and business operations globally. Creating a thriving business has been a challenge because of safety concerns, lockdown orders and stresses on labour pools.  
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Employers Will Benefit from the Magnet Student Work Placement Program

High school and post-secondary students are a plentiful source of talent for eastern Ontario employers. While younger workers might lack on-the-job experience, they have learned skills and employable qualities that are worth the time and training investment.
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Employers: Here’s How to Attract Talent Using Social Media

I’m sure your business is all set up on social channels. You’re connecting with your customers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. But have you thought about how you could use social media to attract talent, in addition to using it simply to engage with customers?
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Attract Loyal Workers With Career Advancement Opportunities

Employers who provide their staff with career advancement opportunities can greatly improve the loyalty and productivity of incumbent workers, plus attract new talent. However, it is difficult for employers to know what their employees need in terms of training and career motivation.  That's why communication between supervisors and workers is so important to a happy workplace. 
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Attracting Workers: Workplace Health & Safety Is Key Right Now

You’re an employer who’s hiring. In the midst of a pandemic your business is thriving, and you need skilled help. A big hurdle to a full workforce? People are worried about coming to work. It’s not that they don't want to work, they're scared of getting sick.  
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Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Employers Get Work-Ready Staff

Manufacturing is booming across eastern Ontario, and if you’re an employer you can participate in one of 21 training programs that benefit eastern Ontario employers. For example, if you are a Bay of Quinte manufacturing or food processing employer who struggles to find qualified workforce candidates, consider joining the Elevate Plus program.
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Strategic Workforce Planning Draws New Talent

Anyone looking to live well and work where a good life is affordable need look no further than eastern Ontario. The appeal of the many towns in the region to job seekers means employers in the eastern Ontario region benefit from an influx of labour to fill job gaps. Even better, there’s a whole network boosting local workforces with new talent attraction and existing worker upskilling.
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Highlighting Workforce Development Program Best Practices in Ontario

Newcomers to Canada are a significant addition to labour pools across the country. That’s why recognizing workforce development best practices in Ontario is essential to help make it easy for people new to the country to find work and settle into communities.
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How To Overcome Workforce Challenges Now and Post COVID-19

It’s been a daunting time to be an employer and an employee. COVID-19 has created workforce challenges above and beyond previous barriers to business operations and labour.
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