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Profile on the Best Place to Find Workers: Have You Heard of Nesda?

If you are an employer who struggles to find qualified candidates to work when you need them, sometimes at the last minute, Ontario East wants to help you optimize your recruitment.
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Have You Heard of SOPA? Access New Talent Quickly and Easily

Eastern Ontario employers, get ready to hire new international talent without doing any paperwork.
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Employers: Quickly & Easily Map Skill Sets With Workforce Tools

If you don’t have the time or staff to read through hundreds of resumes during the hiring process, LinkedIn’s Talent Insights, Jobs and Recruitment tools can help.
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Announcing the Employer One Survey Coming Soon to Eastern Ontario

Beginning in 2012, the Employer One survey has been conducted in various locations in Ontario.
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Make Manufacturing Fun in 2020 with MFG Month Events

October is Manufacturing Month and many businesses and communities will hold Manufacturing Day/Week/Month celebrations during this time.
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Free Recruitment Help for Eastern Ontario Employers

Do you know eastern Ontario employers finding it hard to recruit talent right now? The Eastern Ontario Workforce Development Project (EOWD) has re-launched, and as a result of their strategic plan, have purchased a 1 year subscription to LinkedIn Recruiter.
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An Emerging Manufacturing Trend: Cybersecurity

As our lives become more tied to our online experiences and transactions, so grows the need for our businesses to be secured against cyber attacks.
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NEW Manufacturing Alliance Makes Manufacturing Accessible and Vibrant

The Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Workforce Development Project (EOMWDP) strives to inform and encourage upcoming generations to consider manufacturing as a career choice.
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Attracting and Retaining Millennials in Your Workplace

You can no longer post job openings online and expect applicants to be knocking down your door in droves.
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The Middle Class Is the Norm in Eastern Ontario

News cycles every month highlight the rising cost of housing in major cities and lament the loss of the middle class.
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