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Get LMI Support and Hiring Help In Eastern Ontario

Let’s start with the basics - if you’re reading this and you know what labour market info (LMI) is and why it’s important, skip down to the next section. But if you don’t, start here. A lot of employers don’t realize the importance LMI can have in your hiring processes; if you’re one of those employers, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here’s how LMI support provides you with hiring help: 

What Is LMI and How Does It Help?

Labour market information is any data or information that helps employers, as well as job seekers, and workforce development professionals make informed decisions about the labour market. Employers can use LMI to learn what types of skills job seekers have in your area, the demographics of job seekers in your area, or industry activity such as the growth or outlook of different sectors. 

Job seekers can use LMI to learn what kinds of jobs are in demand in their area, as well as what skills they’ll need; they can use LMI to inform their education decisions and identify innovations in technology in their respective fields. 

When you use LMI, you can make informed decisions about your talent attraction strategies. For example, if you work in a sector with a large demographic of Baby Boomers who are retiring, you can use LMI to help you target the next generation of talent by learning about what they’re studying in school and what kind of skills they have. Or you can discover the median wage of other employers in your sector to help you decide how to compensate job seekers. 

Where Can You Find LMI Support?

In Eastern Ontario and surrounding areas, employers, job seekers, and workforce development experts can use one of five LMI Help Desks. 

Employers can email or call the LMI Help Desks and speak directly to an expert. 

Get More Hiring Help from Ontario East

Ontario East has a number of resources for employers, like the LMI Resource page to help you learn more about LMI.

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