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Recruitment Help For Eastern Ontario Employers

Rate the work-life balance of your employees, and their access to skills development and career planning, on a scale from 1 to 10. Chances are your rating is already pretty high. But if you knew that these factors are some of the most important for job seekers when they’re looking for a new job, would you say your rating is high enough?
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Hiring Tools to Support Talent Retention: Discover LMI Help Desk

Labour market information (LMI) is data gold for the eastern Ontario workforce. Besides providing timely and accurate information about the labour market in our region, the data is used to respond to community needs to optimize the workforce landscape for employers and job seekers in the future. 
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Find International Talent With the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program

It’s no secret that there is a workforce shortage in the eastern Ontario region. Through the hard work of employers, job seekers, workforce development professionals, and EDOs, that gap in recruitment and retention in eastern Ontario is beginning to be filled. One of the ways is by attracting more international talent to the region as well as making it easier for employers to hire that talent. 
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Get Hiring Help in Eastern Ontario

Right now in eastern Ontario, there are approximately 31,250 residents who are available for work and able to work but are not working. Workforce development professionals call these residents the Hidden Workforce. 
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How to Hire Employees Right Now in Eastern Ontario

Right now, there are about 31,250 people locally who could work but are excluded from processes for recruitment and retention in eastern Ontario. This group of people might feel discouraged by the job seeking process, they may be living in poverty, or be affected by other factors like age. Regardless, this hidden workforce is a group of residents who can start working for eastern Ontario employers like you. If you didn’t know about this hidden workforce and are wondering how to hire employees like these right now, read on. 
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How to Reduce High Employee Turnover: Start With the Hidden Workforce

As an employer you may find yourself in a near constant cycle of hiring. It’s a carousel that’s difficult to get off of because high employee turnover seems to necessitate it. Workforce development professionals have been studying the labour force participation rate in eastern Ontario to try to solve this exact problem. If you want to learn more about how to reduce high employee turnover and improve recruitment and retention in eastern Ontario, read on.  
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Bridge the Workforce Gap With Youth Employee Retention Strategies

There might be a gap in your employee retention strategies if you employ youth or want to employ youth. Youth in eastern Ontario are members of a hidden workforce that are available for employment but are often, unintentionally, overlooked by employers due to gaps in communication because of factors like age and poverty. If you’re employing members of this hidden workforce or you plan to, read on to learn retention strategies to close the gap in communication and keep this powerful workforce in the eastern Ontario community and part of the economy. 
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Social Media Recruiting Techniques and Other Strategies to Hire Youth

There’s a hidden workforce in eastern Ontario. It’s a workforce you likely see every day on your way to work, you’ve met this workforce through friends, family, or in your day to day life. Any guesses? 
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How to Overcome Commute Problems for Talent Attraction

Employee commute problems affect all businesses whether you’re located within a transit-served area or off the beaten path. Problems like commuter congestion, lack of service and now COVID-19 safety concerns can wreak havoc on your production and your employees’ ability to make it to work on time or at all.
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Eastern Ontario Employers Creating a Thriving Business in Unsure Times

COVID-19 has disrupted workplaces and business operations globally. Creating a thriving business has been a challenge because of safety concerns, lockdown orders and stresses on labour pools.  
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