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Use A Diversity Audit Tool to Champion DEI In Your Workplace

It’s easy to throw around the buzzwords associated with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) but it’s more difficult to do the actual work of diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you’re an employer looking to learn more about DEI and do that hard but important work to make all of our workplaces more diverse, inclusive, and equitable places, read on to learn about diversity audit tools.
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Get Hiring Help By Removing Barriers in Your Hiring Process

One of the most important things you look for when you’re hiring a new employee is if the candidate will be a good fit for your organization. Alignment with company culture is just as important as qualifications and skills for potential candidates. But are you articulating your company culture to your candidates and what a “best fit” candidate looks like in your job postings? Read on, to get hiring help to smooth your hiring process so that potential candidates are always aware of what your company’s needs are.
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Convey Workplace Culture to Protect DEI in Your Organization

It’s no surprise that you want to include diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the workplace. DEI is the right thing to do and these initiatives are beneficial to the productivity and success of the business. But even while welcoming DEI in the workplace, you may have left out one step that makes that DEI difficult to implement — and you probably don’t even know that you’ve left it out. Are you adequately conveying your workplace culture in your hiring practices?
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How to Find Co-op Students to Build Your Workplace With New Talent

Co-op students are an easily accessible talent resource for eastern Ontario employers. While COVID concerns have slowed the active recruiting of co-op students to fill job gaps, there are still active co-op programs offered through post-secondary schools in eastern Ontario. Read on to get help on how to find co-op students to get your business back on track with the workers you need.
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Learn How to Hire Military Veterans and Improve Your Team

There is a Hidden Workforce in eastern Ontario with a wealth of skilled people who have been sitting on the periphery of a recruiter’s sights. One faction of the hidden workforce is military veterans. This talent pool is full of proven successful employees with long work histories, yet they're not prioritized in current workforce talent pools. Now, as employers look at how to hire military veterans, this untapped workforce is moving to the forefront.
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Want to Know How to Improve Workplace Culture?

Improving your workplace is an ongoing process. Whether it’s improvement to recruitment and retention, processes, or culture, there are always ways to optimize your workplace. There is one way to improve workplace culture that will give you and your employees far reaching benefits that can spark success in and outside of your business. It starts with your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies. Using guidelines to help you attract and hire a diverse staff and provide an inclusive and equitable workplace reduces turnover, improves job performance and strengthens team dynamics. So, if you want to know how to improve workplace culture, look at your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies.
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What Does Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace Look Like?

By now you’ve probably heard not only about the need for DEI or diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace but the business case for DEI efforts. DEI is not just a morally right thing to do. DEI work has been proven to optimize productivity and reduce turnover. But what can diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace look like? Read on to learn more about DEI efforts and how to implement them in your workplace.
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How to Avoid the Great Resignation in Canada

There’s a Great Resignation happening in the United States: it’s a term being used to describe how millions of people have quit their jobs because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. From frontline workers to CEOs, the US is seeing a huge labour shortage while people look for new jobs. It’s predicted that this Great Resignation will be felt in places all over the world. But what about in Canada?
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How to Attract Employees When You’ve Got Lots of Competition

Times are changing and with that so have recruitment priorities for businesses in eastern Ontario. You might feel that you are well versed in how to attract employees, but consider how technology, automation and the COVID-19 pandemic has changed things.
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How to Recruit: Employers Can Attract Great Employees During COVID

COVID-19 has changed the way workplaces function. Physical distancing has prompted more opportunities for remote work. Essential service providers have been prioritized as health care, grocery, pharmacy and delivery workers continued working on the front lines. This reliance on these workplaces has shed some light on how these - and all - workers are compensated, recruited and retained. As an employer, you need to know what employees are looking for in a job and show how you can provide it. Here’s some help to rethink what you’re offering new staff when hiring during a pandemic.
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