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Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Embraces Technology Adoption

Technology has made so many aspects of life easier, from Google navigation on your phone to smart home thermostats, it’s hard to imagine life before these conveniences. Industries that have embraced technology in the same way that we have in our personal lives make for more efficient, advanced facilities. Eastern Ontario manufacturing plants are investing in technology, making businesses better not just in terms of profitability, but also in terms of employee satisfaction.

Eastern Ontario Manufacturing with Kruger Products

Kruger Products in the Bay of Quinte produces many popular paper products, which you’ve probably heard of, including Cashmere bathroom tissue, Scotties tissues, and Sponge Towels. The company produces these products in a 300,000 square foot high tech facility, which employs hundreds.

Kruger Products uses advanced manufacturing techniques in their plants, which makes it a fast-paced and technologically interesting place to work. Because of automation, eastern Ontario manufacturing offers careers in robotics, industrial engineering, and electrical skilled trades. Chris King, CEO of the Quinte Economic Development Commission notes:

 “Manufacturing has changed. In our region, these plants are leaders of the newest technology (like robotics). They offer clean, technology focused places to work with lots of career advancement opportunities.”

CPK Interiors Offers High Tech Automation R&D

CPK Interiors, located in Belleville, is home to the research and development centre for the company, which is known for manufacturing world-class automotive interiors. The R&D facility focuses on manufacturing innovation and uses a statistical approach to ensure high quality results.

CPK Interiors are experts in injection moulding, materials compounding, and cast skin and foam products. A career within this company would mean constant research and the opportunity to work with new technologies and materials every day. You’d be contributing to the North American automotive industry, by helping to develop the best possible products, but you’d also be challenged daily, learning new things, and using technology to solve complex problems.


Proctor & Gamble Needs Robotics Technicians

Proctor & Gamble became a part of eastern Ontario manufacturing in 1975, and since then has expanded in the region, hiring 300 more people in the process. The Belleville P&G plant manufactures the AlwaysTM brand of products using cutting edge robotics technology, including auto-guided vehicles and arm-like loading robots.

The company has invested heavily in robotics, and is in need of people with the technical skills to help support daily operations. Joe Folk, the Plant Manager, in Belleville explains:

“We need lots more people to take and graduate in the field of robotics. Troubleshooting, interfacing with a program, programming a robot, maintaining it - that’s what we need.”

Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Offers Exciting Careers

Automation and robotics are changing the landscape in manufacturing, and there is a growing demand for workers with these technical skills. Ontario East is working to support advanced manufacturing technology in the region. The region offers exciting, high tech, challenging careers that will keep you employed and engaged in your work for years to come.

But on top of that, eastern Ontario offers a high quality of life, at a fraction of the cost of larger cities. To learn more, download this infographic:

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