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5 Reasons Why You'll Want to Work in Eastern Ontario

Eastern Ontario is a great place to work and live. You’ll find great jobs, affordable housing, natural scenery, and friendly communities. It’s a great place to play outside (on land or water), join a sports team, catch a live show, or find a new hobby.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

It’s easy to lead a balanced life when you work in eastern Ontario. Learn why so many other job seekers are relocating to this beautiful, family-friendly region.

5 Reasons to Live & Work in Eastern Ontario

1) Higher Rate of Employment 

Eastern Ontario has a lower rate of unemployment than Toronto, which means you have a much better chance of finding a job.

  • In October 2018, the unemployment rate for all of Ontario was 5.7. Toronto’s unemployment rate for the same period was much higher at 6.3 (StatsCan).
  • The eastern Ontario unemployment rate was only 5.4, well under the provincial average and far below the Toronto rate (StatsCan).

2) Affordable Housing Optionsnull

When you find a stable manufacturing job, you’ll need a place to live. If you want to buy a home, it is much more affordable in the eastern Ontario region.

3) Jobs Are Available Right Now

A quick search on Monster.ca yielded the following results.

  • Eastern Ontario: 5453 Manufacturing Jobs Found.
  • Toronto, Ontario: 2868 Manufacturing Jobs Found.

4) Get Free Training to Acquire the Skills You Need

If you don't have the skills for those jobs currently offered, there is training available right now in eastern Ontario - and it's free!

Loyalist Training & Knowledge Centre runs the Elevate Plus program, which has a 99% success rate in placing trainees with new jobs in eastern Ontario.

Elevate Plus provides the job-specific skills that manufacturing and food processing employers require. With input from industry experts and employers in program design and delivery, you’ll be ready for work in no time!

5) Be Part of a World-Class Manufacturing Hub

Eastern Ontario has a collaborative network of advanced manufacturing companies who network and share best practices.

The Quinte Economic Development Commission and the Quinte Manufacturers Association both provide work with Ontario East to provide comprehensive support for the manufacturing industry in eastern Ontario. This improves each manufacturing company’s success and helps provide more long-term work in eastern Ontario.

Discover the Dollars and Cents of Life and Work in Eastern Ontario

Download this infographic to see how work and life in eastern Ontario compares to larger urban centres and what makes eastern Ontario a rare combination of exciting professional opportunities and high quality of life.

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