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Learn How to Hire International Students With These 3 Tips

Eastern Ontario is home to many educational institutions, giving employers access to a highly skilled workforce, including international students. Eastern Ontario businesses benefit greatly from recruiting this workforce, since international students are highly motivated; have international work experience; can communicate in multiple languages. Employers who hire international students also demonstrate their commitment to cultural diversity. Get hiring help and learn how to hire international students with these 3 tips:

How to Hire International Students Successfully

1. Employers can: break down perceived barriers to the international workforce by making it clear that international students are welcome to apply (as long as they are eligible for employment). Continue to break down barriers by confronting unconscious bias in the hiring process. For example, focus on skills and experience rather than where a candidate was educated. Employers can also share an inclusive and diverse company culture through social media, so that international students can feel comfortable applying and like they’ll belong in the workplace. 

2. Employers should: embrace multiculturalism at work and within the community. Do this by understanding the specific demographics of international students in your region and provide accommodations where necessary. For example, many of Loyalist College’s international students come from India, according to Loyalist’s Employer’s Guide to Hiring International Students. International students from India will be more likely to partner with employers who accommodate time off for their religious holidays. Another way employers can embrace multiculturalism is by creating a quiet and private space for prayer for Muslim students or making an effort to learn about the culture students come from. 

3. Employers need: to learn who is eligible for employment by ensuring students have a valid work permit while students are responsible for meeting the eligibility requirements for working in Canada and applying for a SIN. 

Learn How to Hire International Students With Help From Ontario East

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