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Post-Secondary Programs in Ontario That Lead to a Great Life

Manufacturing is an excellent place to start a future career, but if you’re looking to join the manufacturing industry, you may be wondering how to get in. There are many great manufacturing opportunities in eastern Ontario, and the industry is desperate to hire recent grads. 

The best way to get a good position in the manufacturing industry is to practice career planning, develop new skills, and join one of many post-secondary programs in Ontario that guide you into manufacturing jobs, making your transition into working life an easy one. Here are a few post-secondary programs in the eastern Ontario region that will lead you to a successful manufacturing career

1. Post-Secondary Programs in Ontario: Fleming College Opens Doors

Here are some manufacturing programs at Fleming College that can help get your foot in the door of a thriving and evolving industry. 

  • Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technician 

      • 2-year program
      • Tech-based program with an applied focus
      • The program requirements are your high school diploma, Grade 12 C English and Grade 11 C Math
      • A particularly good fit for those who love to tinker with robotics and program large systems
  • Construction Engineering Technician

      • 2-year program
      • By graduation, you’ll be able to help manage every level and size of construction project
      • The program requirements are your high school diploma, Grade 12 C English and Grade 11 C Math
      • You’ll enjoy this program if you like learning how buildings are made, and take an interest in the construction process
  • Electrical Engineering Technician

      • 2-year program
      • A path to an entry-level job or apprenticeship in the electrical industry
      • The program requirements are your high school diploma (with a majority of credits at the workplace level), Grade 12 E English and Grade 11 C Math
      • You’ll love this program if you enjoy working with your hands
  • Wireless Information Networking

    • 2-year program
    • Will focus on 5G wireless systems
    • The program requirements are an undergraduate degree or a college diploma in a related field
    • If you like learning about cloud computing and server technology, this is the program for you

2. Queen’s University Can Give You the Manufacturing Career You Want

image9Here are some exciting manufacturing programs offered by Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. 

  • Mechanical and Materials Engineering

      • A solid foundation in basic engineering sciences
      • The program requirements are your high school diploma and courses in chemistry, math, physics, and English
      • If you have an interest in the way things work and how they are made, this is a great course to take
  • Computer Science

      • Can lead to jobs like software developer, systems analyst, information architect, and database administrator
      • Superb course if you’re interested in robotics and programming
  • Computer Engineering

    • Learn about AI, hardware, computer systems, software engineering, and mechatronics
    • This is the perfect program if you who want to learn how to develop computer software and hardware

3. Develop Key Manufacturing Skills at Loyalist College

Four fun and engaging manufacturing programs at Loyalist College:

  • Manufacturing Engineering Technician

      • Offers you experience in mechanical and electrical control skills, which leads to jobs in machine shops, manufacturing plants, design workshops and food processing facilities
      • Good for those who like working with their hands and repairing machinery
  • Motive Power Technician

      • 1 or 2-year program
      • Join this program to get a job in the automotive industry
      • Perfect program if you love cars
  • Welding and Fabrication Technician

      • Learn everything there is to know about welding
      • Pick this program if you like the idea of helping to build and maintain critical infrastructure
  • Electrical Engineering Technician

    • An introduction to electrical principles and construction wiring
    • If you love learning new things and are interested in new technologies, this might be the program for you

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