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Queen's University Can Launch Your Career in Manufacturing

Queen’s University in Kingston (which is in eastern Ontario) is 175 years old with a tradition of academic excellence and a beautiful waterfront campus. Queen’s is a full-spectrum, research-intensive university.

Most of the student population comes from outside of Kingston and it’s attended by students from more than 100 countries. The fall 2017 enrollment was 24,143 students, with 59% of its first-year undergraduates being women.

Queen’s offers a full-complement of courses leading to careers in many sectors, including manufacturing. We’re going to highlight 3 manufacturing training courses that would jumpstart your career in eastern Ontario.

Manufacturing Careers You Can Train For At Queen’s University

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

A project-based, hands-on, team-oriented program giving a solid foundation in basic engineering sciences of solid mechanics and dynamics, materials engineering, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer.

The academic requirements beyond the basic high-school diploma are

  • English, two courses with a minimum grade of 70%
  • Chemistry NYA, NYBwo of Mathematics NYA, NYB or NYC;
  • Two of Physics NYA, NYB or NYC.
  • Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and English.
  • Minimum English final score of 4.

The mechanical and materials engineering program offers you training for jobs in machine design, manufacturing methods, and instrumentation and control.

You could find great jobs in the manufacturing sector from this program. You would excel in this program if you’re interested in:

  • How the world produces and uses energy to do useful things
  • How things work
  • Making the world a better place for everyone
  • How things are made
  • Inventing something
  • Running your own company or consulting firm one day

Computer Science


The computer science program explores the science and principles underlying all computing. The broad training gives you opportunities to focus on specific areas, such as AI, human-computer interaction, computing theory and programming.

The academic requirements beyond the basic high-school diploma are:

  • English, two courses
  • Two of Mathematics NYA, NYB or NYC

The program offers you training for jobs like a software developer, systems analyst, information architect, and database administrator.

Because robots and their systems are being used more and more in the manufacturing sector, this course is a great fit for you, if you’re interested in:

  • Programming computers
  • Managing robot systems
  • How computer systems work
  • How to manage a computer network
  • How to develop new software
  • Human-computer interaction in the future

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is about learning different streams of focus, such as AI, hardware, computer systems, software engineering and mechatronics.

The academic requirements beyond the basic high-school diploma are:

  • English, two courses
  • Two of Mathematics NYA, NYB or NYC

The program offers training for jobs in software development, computer engineering, hardware engineering, robotics management and computer engineering systems management.

If you’re looking for a gateway to a great career in the manufacturing sector, this course is for you, especially if you enjoy:

  • Learning how to develop new software
  • Learning how to develop hardware
  • Managing robotics systems
  • Learning how to develop new applications
  • Managing computer and information systems

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