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Fleming College Prepares You For An Exciting Career in Manufacturing

Fleming College has four campuses throughout Ontario, including Peterborough, Lindsay, Haliburton and Cobourg.

The Frost Campus is in Lindsay (in eastern Ontario) is spread over 150 acres close to downtown Lindsay. The community is student-friendly with a population of 21,000 residents, and the region has over 250 lakes and lots of green space for you to enjoy.

Fleming College had record enrollment for the 2017 fall semester with 6,275 full-time students attending their four campuses. The 2017 fall enrollment was the highest in Fleming’s 50-year history.

They offer varied programs, including Arts and Heritage, Business, Community Development, and Skilled Trades and Technology. So you can find the program you’re looking for in manufacturing training at Fleming College.

We’re highlighting 4 great programs at Fleming College that can lead you to a high-quality career in the manufacturing industry in eastern Ontario.

Train For An Exciting Manufacturing Career At Fleming College

Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technician

The program is a two-year Ontario College Diploma with a technology-based program and an applied focus. The instrumentation and control engineering technician program prepares you for a hands-on, exciting career in emerging engineering and scientific fields.

The academic qualifications for this program are:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • Gr 12 C English
  • Gr 11 C Math

The STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) based program teaches you valuable skills in electronics, sensing, programming, device networking, instrument calibration and science used in today’s processing and manufacturing facilities.

The program could lead you to a great career in the manufacturing sector, especially if you love:

  • Playing with electrical controls
  • Learning about robotics and automation
  • Learning about networking systems
  • Communicating your ideas to others
  • Learning how to program large systems.

Construction Engineering Technician

The construction engineering technician program is a two-year Ontario College Diploma teaching the technical skills and knowledge necessary to assist in all phases of managing residential, small commercial, and industrial construction projects.

The academic requirements are:

  • OSSD
  • Gr 12 C English
  • Gr 11 C Math

You could enjoy a great career in the manufacturing industry. The program is a great fit for you, especially if you love:

  • Seeing how buildings are made
  • Interpreting blueprints and on-site construction documents
  • Learning to survey sites for safety and building codes
  • Learning the various characteristics of building sites
  • Learning how to control test for different building materials

Electrical Engineering Technician

The electrical engineering technician two-year Ontario College Diploma program focuses on electrical and electronic theory and practice. It will give you the tools you need to get an entry-level position or apprenticeship in the electrical industry.

nullThe academic qualifications are:

  • OSSD, with the majority of credits at the Workplace (E) level
  • Gr 12 (E) English
  • Plus Gr 11 C Math

Open doors to great manufacturing opportunities with this course. You’d be a great fit for this program if you enjoy:

  • Working with your hands
  • Skilled trades and technology
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting
  • Math and calculating
  • Electrical systems and circuits

Wireless Information Networking

Wireless information networking is a two-year Ontario College Diploma in developing and implementing solutions for the configuration and integration of wireless networks and devices. The program is especially relevant to the introduction of 5G wireless systems into smart manufacturing. Fully connected factories will rely on 5G radio and Cloud technology to be highly efficient, connected and flexible.

The academic qualifications are:

  • Undergraduate degree or
  • Ontario College Diploma in a related field or equivalent

The program can lead you to an up-and-coming job managing wireless systems in the manufacturing sector. The program will be the right fit for you if you love:

  • Computer systems
  • Learning about information sharing
  • Communications
  • Monitoring operations and controlling
  • Cloud computing
  • Server technology
  • Solving problems

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