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How to Prepare for Job Fairs in Ontario Manufacturing

To truly maximize the return on your investment, and ensure you’re attracting the best and brightest, here’s what you should consider and prepare for as a participant of job fairs.

Before showing up at the event hall, consider how you might set yourself apart from the other presenters. Bring content and demonstrations that showcase just how exciting a career in manufacturing really is; for instance, you could show video footage of the robots in your factory, the technology that your employees use everyday, and the comradery of your workforce. A video of what it’s like to work at your company is one of the most effective ways to market your workplace culture - an important selling factor to the next generation - and build excitement around manufacturing in eastern Ontario.

nullIn addition, you might consider bringing along some of your technical staff who are enthusiastic about what they get to do every day. Have them explain how robots are used on the assembly line, and how employees work with cutting-edge technology. You could even bring in smaller pieces of equipment that generate a ton of interest, to demo, such as a 3D printer.

When engaging in conversations with your future workforce, let the job seeker ask you all the questions they have and be sure to provide context in your answers. For example, explain the benefits of working in a region without long commutes and with better affordability. Job seekers might not think to ask you about the quality of life in the area, but when you provide them with that information as an add-on, they’ll be both impressed with the region and your company.

Look at Job Fairs Outside of Eastern Ontario

By expanding your search to job fairs across Ontario, or even Canada if your budget allows, you’ll be expanding your talent pool. Looking for the best employees could mean enticing them to relocate to eastern Ontario for a better career and a better quality of life.

When you support job fairs throughout Ontario, it helps to bolster the perception of jobs in manufacturing. The landscape of Ontario manufacturing is changing and its lucrative careers need to be communicated to job seekers. Whether you find new employees as you participate in job fairs or simply add to the excitement of a career in manufacturing, you’re providing evidence of the strong economy and great careers, which is a win for all Ontario manufacturers.

Plan to Attend These Ontario Manufacturing Job Fairs

To save you time in searching for the best job fairs to participate in, a list of upcoming events is presented below. In the spirit of supporting all of Ontario manufacturing, if you know of other job fairs you’d like to add to the list, please contact Ontario East here to let us know.

Share Stories and Resources on Relocation

As you expand your participation in job fairs to other locations, be sure to let people know about your current employees who have relocated. More importantly, describe why those employees decided to move to eastern Ontario, and how much they enjoy the lifestyle now.

Many people may be unaware of just how much more affordable it is to live in eastern Ontario, and of the exciting and high-tech career options available. To help ease the transition for your future employees, you could prepare guides or checklists to help them decide whether relocating is right for them and their families.

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