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Optimize Your Hiring Process with Magnet

Knowing where to post your job opportunities online can be a daunting task, with many options available, all requiring different formats. To simplify the hiring process and optimize your chances of finding the best candidates, there is a new online platform–Magnet–where you can post once, and it will distribute your opportunity to major online job boards.

You don’t have to stay abreast of all the current manufacturing trends when it comes to hiring. You can let Magnet do the work for you. However, Magnet is much more than just a job posting website.

Magnet Reaches 3 Key Workforce Sectors Simultaneously

Magnet allows your job posting to reach 3 key demographics, ensuring that the best-suited candidates are found for your business.

1. Employed and Not Actively Job Seeking

Many employees will leave a current CV on job boards, even when they are happily employed, because if the right lucrative opportunity comes up, they will consider moving. If you can access these job-seekers, you widen the talent pool you can select from for your business.

When you have a very specific role that you need to fill, perhaps one that requires extensive on-the-job manufacturing experience, you might find that the best candidate is currently employed. Instead of relying on job seekers to find you, Magnet allows for ideal candidates to be matched to your job.

2. Active Job Seekers

Magnet is an expert in ensuring that you attract the right candidates for your company, and a large part of that is eliminating the hiring bias. In order to reduce the bias in your job postings, you might consider optimizing your hiring process for the skills you require rather than for specific educational requirements.

nullThere are many jobs where a degree or diploma would be a definite asset. But could some potential employees learn how to use your machinery or software with in-house training? Do your current software suppliers offer courses to get users up-to-speed with the tools? If the answer is yes, you could eliminate the requirement for a degree on your job postings. If you require a degree when it’s really not needed, you might miss out on a number of excellent candidates that have all the necessary skills to learn quickly and contribute meaningfully to your business.

2. Those Preparing to Enter the Workforce

Magnet is strategically aligned with the academic community, 80% of which use a tool called Orbus to house all internship postings and jobs targeted to soon-to-be-graduates. Your company’s data and job postings can automatically be pushed to Orbus when you use Magnet. That means you reach more candidates but spend less time on your hiring process.

You can choose the specific communities you wish to publish a job opportunity to, including select colleges and universities, or those which specialize in technical degree programs. In addition, you could publish job postings to post-secondary institutions in your area, to attract talent that would not require relocation.

Reaching the 3 labour pools at once is a key selling feature of other online job boards, such as ZipRecruiter or LinkedIn. Magnet reaches the same 3 demographics, but instead of a $50k licensing fee, it’s free for you to use.

Use Magnet to Optimize Your Manufacturing Hiring Process

Not only does Magnet reduce the time and effort you and your team need to spend on the hiring process, but it also has tools that send you information for your specific industry. Magnet will email you about new wage subsidies or export grants and other incentives, which will help you pay for the new talent you are attracting.

To increase the quality and quantity of candidates that your job postings on Magnet secure, make sure to use and fill out all the available sections of the job post, and not just the core fields. If you provide your future employees with more information about your company, its culture, the manufacturing industry, and the benefits of a secure and fulfilling career, you’ll attract more Millennial employees in particular, who care deeply about these topics.

How to Attract Future Employees to Your Company

Download this infographic for more ideas on how you can educate your future workforce on the benefits of a career in manufacturing from within your Magnet job posting.

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