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Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Employers Get Work-Ready Staff

Manufacturing is booming across eastern Ontario, and if you’re an employer you can participate in one of 21 training programs that benefit eastern Ontario employers. For example, if you are a Bay of Quinte manufacturing or food processing employer who struggles to find qualified workforce candidates, consider joining the Elevate Plus program.

Your workforce candidates arrive with pre-employment preparation and skills training aligned with your sector-based needs. 

If you’re a manufacturing employer not in the Bay of Quinte area, there’s skilled labour boosting programs to help employers access talent across eastern Ontario. 

With the Elevate Plus program, you’ll have access to supportive partnerships. Download the Skills Advance Ontario Job Seekers infographic at the end of this article to find a similar program near you. Program coordinators will ensure the candidates receive specific training to meet your needs, and arrange a two-week job trial period to see if the trainee is a good fit, saving you time and money.

Elevate Plus Program for Bay of Quinte Manufacturing Employers

The Elevate Plus program supports workforce development for Bay of Quinte employers in the manufacturing and food processing sectors. Co-designed in partnership with these employers, the program provides professional education and workplace training that prepares candidates to move directly into or continue with full-time employment. 

When You Hire Through Elevate Plus, You:

  • Hire employees with skills that are relevant and current to your industry.
  • Gain team members who are already trained and a good fit for your staff team.
  • Experience increased employee retention rates.
  • Benefit from a reduction in typical hiring expenses.
  • Provide input on training that works for your company.

When Eastern Ontario Employers Partner in the Elevate Plus Program

Bay of Quinte employers in manufacturing and food processing are encouraged to partner in the Elevate Plus program by hosting placements, which often turn into permanent employment.

 “Elevate Plus provides Jobs for People and People for Jobs. The long term partnership between Quinte Economic Development Commission and Loyalist College is once again proving to be an effective model for supporting our businesses and providing jobs for people by matching employer needs with the newly trained skilled workers.” - Chris King, CEO, Quinte Economic Development Commission

Through Elevate Plus, you’ll even get help to manage scheduling and obtain funding, save time and money, plus watch your team and your organization flourish.

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More Programs Like Elevate Plus That Serve Manufacturing Employers Across Eastern Ontario

Upskilling and reskilling programs in eastern Ontario partner with employers to provide efficient access to trained employees for workforce development. For more information, download the Skills Development Program Guide for Employers.

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