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Free Training for Job Seekers in Eastern Ontario

The Elevate Plus Training Program provides free six-week training for jobs in the eastern Ontario manufacturing sector, specifically within Bay of Quinte. The project was created by employers and educators to deliver exactly the skills required to be successful in a career within the industry.

Who Is Eligible for the Free Training?

The Elevate Plus program was designed to provide the higher education required for a career in the manufacturing and food processing industry. Who qualifies?

  • Any individual 18 years or older,
  • Individuals who are currently unemployed or working less than 20 hours a week, and
  • Individuals with a strong desire to restart their career or find a well-paid position on a full-time basis in Bay of Quinte area.

How Is the Free Training Delivered?

The free training requires a six-week commitment in the Belleville area of eastern Ontario. The first four weeks are spent on the Loyalist College campus, learning the skills required for the local manufacturing and food processing industries. Classroom days run from 9am to 3pm, and are focused on vocational skills, essential literacy and language skills.

The final two weeks of the free training is delivered on the job. You’ll be able to experience 10 days of 8-hour shifts within the manufacturing plant. This provides you with the chance to see if you are the right fit for the job and the specific company.

Another huge benefit is that you won’t have to invest significant funds into training or a certification before you are sure that this is the career for you.

How Elevate Plus Is Also Helping Local Manufacturers

Beyond the obvious benefit of helping to supply the manufacturers with the workforce they desire, the nullprogram is unique in a couple ways.

  1. It tailors the education to the specific industry that the potential employees are entering. This not only sets the employee up for success, but it also cuts costs typically incurred during the hiring process.
  2. The two-week trial period is an excellent way to determine if the employees and employer are the right fit. The employer can see if the potential new hire is happy within the workplace, and whether the relationship shows promise and should result in full-time employment. It’s difficult to know from an interview if people will be the right fit, so adding this work period helps to ensure both employee and employer are happy before moving forward.

Free Job Training in Manufacturing in Eastern Ontario

Manufacturing provides tremendous employment opportunities for the Bay of Quinte region, and employers are investing in their workforce through programs like Elevate Plus. The region also boasts a more affordable cost of living than the surrounding urban centres, meaning your hard-earned dollars will go further. If you are in the Bay of Quinte or willing to relocate to eastern Ontario, this free training option provides a fast track to set you up for full-time employment. Contact the Ontario East Economic Development Commission to learn more about the training and workforce development initiatives in the region.

Download this infographic - Quality of Life in Eastern Ontario: How Does It Compare? - to learn how and why eastern Ontario is a great fit for your personal and professional life.

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