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Job Searching? Here’s Why You Want to Be on Magnet

If you’ve been online searching for jobs, you’ve likely come across the usual suspects: Indeed, Monster, or even jobs posted on specific company websites. The job board that you might not have heard of yet, but that is worth signing up for, is Magnet.

Magnet is not a typical job board–it provides much more information on the jobs you are applying to and the companies that you will potentially be working for. Using an extensive database and analytics, Magnet can even email you information on the existing demands in the workforce, including specific skills.

2 Ways to Use Magnet to Find New Job Opportunities

After you sign up for Magnet, which is completely free, you can search for jobs in two ways.

1. Search the Job Boards Yourself on Magnet

Similar to other online job boards, you can navigate the website and search for available jobs on Magnet. Job postings are natively added to Magnet, and the site also automatically pulls data from other job sites, like Indeed. You only have to search in one location, which saves you time.

If you’re more of a proactive job seeker, looking at the job boards yourself will be the way to go. Job opportunities that were posted natively on Magnet include more information than typical job postings, allowing you to research the details of your future career.

2. Have Magnet Email You Job Opportunities That Are Perfect for You

If you’d prefer to have experts or technology do research for you, then you can have Magnet email you with the job opportunities that fit your profile. In essence, after you create your profile, the jobs come to you.

nullYou may still be working full-time while searching for the next opportunity, and this will allow you to focus on your day-to-day priorities, knowing that Magnet is searching for you in the background. The platform is also anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about your current boss seeing your profile on Magnet.

You can set limits on the locations you want to search: for example, 50km from the centre of Kingston, Ontario. You can also specify your wage limits and the areas of employment you are interested in, ensuring that you are only alerted to jobs that are right up your alley.

Use Magnet to Find Manufacturing Job Opportunities

Currently, there is a demand for workers in the eastern Ontario manufacturing sector, where businesses are struggling to find great employees to support their high-tech and innovative work. Consider working in eastern Ontario, where there is a large pool of employment opportunities and steady work.

If you narrow your Magnet search preferences to eastern Ontario (e.g. Kingston, Belleville, Brockville), you’ll be able to see that there are many different job types available in manufacturing. If you are worried about the skills required for these jobs, there are many training programs available to get you prepared for your career.

Work, Life, and Moving to Eastern Ontario

One of the huge benefits of using Magnet is the extra information you’ll receive about the jobs you are applying for, including details on the employer, and the company’s priorities and mission. You’ll be able to make an informed decision about the company you want to work for, above and beyond the skills and pay that are offered. Outside of work, you’ll also be curious about the cost of living, community services, and cultural activities or attractions of the region.

With the many job opportunities in eastern Ontario manufacturing, you’ll want to take a look at what each of the cities has to offer. Brockville, Ontario is located just south of Ottawa, and Kingston is located a couple hours east of Toronto. The Kawartha Region is another option that allows you to live in a beautiful cottage-like setting, while partaking in high-tech work.

If you find your dream job in eastern Ontario but don’t currently live there, you’ll need to do a little research on what it will take to move to the region. To save you some time, all the main considerations are located in the e-book below.

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