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Discover One of the Best Job Search Tools

Getting information about jobs that are available now is great, but what if you could also access archived Ontario job-ad information from the previous twelve months? You’d have access to all that information - from advertised salaries to required skill sets - making you way more informed before you even start your job search. 

“People looking for jobs in Canada can now find precise data on the skills and certifications they need to be competitive for jobs in their field, and where they live.” – The Star Vancouver

With this big data labour market information on Worxica, you can discover how often a company hires, what salary they posted for those positions in the past, and what the skills requirements were. Then you can tailor your resume even further toward what a specific company is looking for.

You Won’t Need Other Job Search Tools

How to Use Worxica

  1. Create an account. Click the link in the verification email to confirm that you are human.
  2. Enter a job title and geographical location.
  3. Review job posts from the previous year. Check out what skills and experience are regularly mentioned in posts for the type of job you have in mind.

  4. Check out current posts. Find out who’s hiring and how to apply. Some employers may even post job search tips, such as the time of year they do the most hiring.

  5. Update your resume and apply.

Index Where Job Opportunities in Manufacturing Are Located

One of the goals of the Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Workforce Development Project (EOMWDP) is to provide data on where manufacturing job opportunities are located in eastern Ontario. Worxica, more than other job search tools, is a huge step toward that goal. The EOMWDP helps manufacturing job seekers by consolidating manufacturing information and resources in a way that is easy for job seekers to find and understand.

Search for Work-Life Balance

There’s more to your job search than finding the right job. You also want to find the right fit for your family and lifestyle. Contact Ontario East to learn more about the opportunities in the region.

Download this infographic to discover how eastern Ontario can be the right fit for your professional and personal life.

Quality of Life infographic 




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