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Discover One of the Best Job Search Sites for Eastern Ontario

A job search can be exhausting, doubly so if you’re looking to switch industries. It’s so demoralizing: sending out resumes to an online void and somehow getting zero responses, not even a “thanks for your interest.” It’s something no one enjoys.

If you’re looking to end the job search purgatory, you may be interested in joining the manufacturing industry for better pay, more set hours, and the bountiful opportunities in eastern Ontario. But where to start?

If you want to choose a workplace that suits you with the hours, benefits and shifts you want, not every job site might be the right match for your situation. Magnet is a helpful resource in this situation; it’s a site that helps match employers with employees, so that both parties find the optimal partner.

Here’s how Magnet works:

  1. Create a profile: this will help Magnet match you to jobs with your preferences, and vice versa for employers.
  2. Get matched: you’ll be notified when job opportunities that match your preferences arrive, saving you the trouble of searching yourself.
  3. Choose which jobs to apply to: your profile will be matched to a list of relevant jobs, tailored to your tastes, but your profile won’t be visible to the employer until you’ve decided to apply, protecting your privacy. You can make an introduction on your terms. It’s basically like a dating app, but for jobs!
  4. Get connected: once you’ve decided on the jobs you want to apply to, Magnet will introduce your profile to the employer, and if the employer likes what they see, you’ll be notified about the next step, saving you time and effort. 

Signing up for a Magnet profile:

Step 1: Share the love and let Magnet know which organization first informed you about Magnet. (In this case, you’d put us!)

Step 2: Sign up with either your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn accounts for a fast sign-up, or manually input your information if you’d prefer.

Step 3: Confirm your email address for the Magnet system, and you’re good to start looking for jobs!

Step 4: Complete your profile by either uploading a resume or by manually inputting your education or work history.

Once you have a profile on Magnet, there are a lot of features to explore, but all you really need to know at the start are the Communications and Job Search tabs. With the communications tab you can easily manage all the job invites you’ve had from employers, the jobs you’ve applied to so far, and an archive of all your applications and exchanges. With the Job Search tab, you can begin to find tailored manufacturing jobs right away!

Job Search Sites Serving Eastern Ontario

Ontario East loves to keep you updated on job search sites like Magnet that are specifically made to serve the manufacturing community in eastern Ontario. If you’re looking for a manufacturing job in this area, or even just curious about what a career in manufacturing would look like, follow our social media feeds and newsletters for recommendations about other great job resources like Magnet.

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