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Strategic Workforce Planning Draws New Talent

Anyone looking to live well and work where a good life is affordable need look no further than eastern Ontario. The appeal of the many towns in the region to job seekers means employers in the eastern Ontario region benefit from an influx of labour to fill job gaps. Even better, there’s a whole network boosting local workforces with new talent attraction and existing worker upskilling.The Workforce and In-Migration program located in Kingston Ontario looks at all the needs of newcomers to the region to help them make choosing the region and relocating here easy to do. Plus there’s opportunities for the existing skilled labour force to find better jobs in the city so they’ll stay. As an employer, these programs help you find the skilled workers you need and offer assurance that they'll be with your business long term.

7 Ways Strategic Workforce Planning Helps Get Workers to the Region

Employers can become involved in these seven initiatives to attract workers to eastern Ontario. Active participation in the programs ensures you have first choice when it comes to securing skilled talent.

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  1. Possible Made Here talent attraction portal – Job seekers can do research online so it’s easy to find out if eastern Ontario is a good fit. This City of Kingston-run program provides all the information workers need to relocate to the area.
  2. Dual Career Support Program – Workers moving to eastern Ontario for work, who have a partner who needs a job, can find help to get their partner employment. There’s someone local who can connect spouses with jobs they want so both can work in the community.
  3. Workplace Inclusion Charter – Job seekers are looking for inclusivity in the workplace, so Kingston is working with employers to provide workplaces that are diverse and operate equitable and inclusive environments. People can work where they want without barriers.
  4. Community Secondment Program – Some talented workers already have jobs in the area but aren’t working in a job that uses their full potential. The Community Secondment Program expands existing local workforce potential through upskilling programs so skilled employees are not limited to the job they’re in now.
  5. Professional Internship for Newcomers (PIN) program – Potential staff who have just moved to Canada and haven’t found a job that meets their skill set, or who are working below potential, can get help to move up in their jobs. Paid internships and workplace mentoring mean their existing skills are recognized and enhanced so employers can hire and promote good skilled workers.
  6. Kingston Connect – If talented job seekers haven't been able to connect with the right employer to get the job they want, they can look to their employer, or someone who knows their potential, to nominate them for a spot in the Kingston Connect Talent Pool. As part of the pool, registered employers can see the skills on offer and contact job seekers directly for work, increasing their potential to make a good skilled hire.
  7. Job seekers looking to move to eastern Ontario or those ready to move up the ladder can access training to reach those goals fast. Employers can retain their staff with more training and opportunities for better jobs with their organizations. 

Are you looking for training opportunities for your staff in eastern Ontario?

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  1. https://possiblemadehere.org/


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