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How to Develop New Skills for Work in the Eastern Ontario Region

Across eastern Ontario there are programs to help job seekers develop new skills. Giving job seekers access to quality training means they can better prepare for stable, full-time work. It also connects them to jobs waiting on the other side of the training. A good example is the upskilling program Elevate Plus which helps job seekers upskill and start working upon graduation with the program’s employers.Working with employers who want to hire, Skills Advance Ontario (SAO) has identified local skills gaps and addressed them in their programs. The host of the SAO provides short term, targeted training so job seekers develop new skills quickly. This means employers can confidently fill positions faster, and job seekers can start earning a regular paycheque in a job they want.

Develop New Skills and Start Earning Money in These 5 Sectors

Here’s a sample of the skills training programs available in eastern Ontario get job seekers ready for work in industries that are hiring.

A. Manufacturing

  1. Manufacturing - Pathways to Production: Earn required industry-endorsed skills and certifications.
  2. Cannabis - SAO Greater Quinte Region: Qualify for high demand work in this booming industry.
  3. Steel and Aluminum or Metal Fabrication: Get hired fast with industry specific skills.
  4. Elevate Plus - Get trained in Manufacturing or Food Processing and get a job with a participating company.

B. Aviation/Aerospace

  1. SAO Altitude: Choose your ideal aviation job, get trained and get hired.

C. Customer Service

  1. Grocery Store Worker - Eastern Ontario Training Board: Join this essential service sector with training in Health & Safety for Food & Retail Sector during COVID-19, Smart Serve, WHMIS and CPR & First Aid.
  2. Food Services or Cleaning - Inspire Futures: Start working to open doors for your future career.

D. Travel and Tourism

  1. Tourism and Hospitality - St. Lawrence College: Train online in customer service and tourism fundamentals to meet changes in the sector.
  2. H.E.A.T. Career Edge (Youth Hab group) & Prince Edward Learning Centre (AgriTourism Focus): Join the agri-tourism sector with skills like Safe Food Handlers to get hired for local jobs.

E. Public Works and Administration

  1. DZ and Snow Plow Operator Training: Take this short-term training to qualify for a long-term job in public works.
  2. Office Worker - Eastern Ontario Training Board: Work in any office environment with competence in these skills Microsoft Office, business math, communications and office technology.

develop new skills in essential services

Plus, the Personal Support Services Worker Program (PSSP) prepares you for jobs in a service vital to every community to help and care to people with physical or mental disabilities or to seniors. Even better, there are more programs you can use to tailor your training to the career you want. 

Get the Training You Need Now in the Eastern Ontario Region

Develop new skills and get connected to the employers who need those skills so that you can be hired for a long-term job in the eastern Ontario region.

For more information about training programs available to you in the eastern Ontario region, download the upskilling and reskilling infographic now.

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