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Why You Should Consider Staffing from Your Local Labour Pool First

You’ve likely heard that it’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than to sign another one. Well, it’s also cheaper to retrain a current employee than to hire and train a new one.
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Remember This Often Untapped Resource: Hiring People with Disabilities

In the Workforce Development Board’s (WDC) recent report titled “Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers”, the 2012 employment rate of Canadians aged 25-64 with disabilities was just 49%, which was 30% lower than those without a disability.
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Eastern Ontario Manufacturing Embraces Technology Adoption

Technology has made so many aspects of life easier, from Google navigation on your phone to smart home thermostats, it’s hard to imagine life before these conveniences. Industries that have embraced technology in the same way that we have in our personal lives make for more efficient, advanced facilities. Eastern Ontario manufacturing plants are investing in technology, making businesses better not just in terms of profitability, but also in terms of employee satisfaction.
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Manufacturing Jobs Profile: Engineering Professionals

Manufacturing industries in Ontario are currently looking for engineering professionals. If you excelled in your high school math and science courses, and you really like the idea of designing or solving complex problems using technical skills, you would love a career in engineering.
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Manufacturing Jobs Profile: Skilled Trades

Some of the most in-demand job opportunities within manufacturing are in the skilled trades.
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The 4th Industrial Revolution and What It Means for Your Job Search

The 4th industrial revolution is here, and though it might sound daunting, it simply refers to the digitization of industry. Just as technology has positively impacted your daily life, it’s also entered the workplace and is helping to advance the operations of companies and their employees.
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Benefits to Digital Technology Adoption You Might Not Have Considered

We're in the 4th industrial revolution, and digital technology is allowing businesses to scale. Pierre Cléroux, of the BDC, released a report titled “The 4th industrial revolution is here. Are you ready?” highlighting the benefits of technology adoption. Business owners across the country were interviewed to determine how the digital landscape is improving the bottom line. Scott Hudson was featured in the report and explained the key drawback of sticking with traditional manufacturing and production methods.
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Discover Some Ontario Manufacturing Success Stories

There are many Ontario manufacturing success stories. It’s easy to find one that will inspire you to consider a manufacturing career. From IT gear for the Olympic Games and high-tech equipment for NASA to vegan desserts and clothing labels, everyone can find a product they will be proud to manufacture. Once you find your manufacturing passion and become part of the company family, you may never want to leave.
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What You Need to Know About Digital Automation

Are you looking for a job in manufacturing but are worried when you hear about factories closing and about the rising prevalence of jobs being transformed by automation? While it is true that automation is transforming the manufacturing industry, automation is creating as many jobs as it is outdating.
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Have You Heard About This Eastern Ontario Job Bank?

We’ve just got wind of this incredible new eastern Ontario job bank. It’s called P&G “Career Match” and this job bank matches employers with workers who will thrive in their company. It’s also designed to help in cases of labour shortage, where job seekers can afford to be a bit pickier about the jobs they want.
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