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Life in Eastern Ontario Is Supported by Modern Manufacturing

According to “A Different Ontario”, the income and employment report by the Mowat Centre, the 2008-2015 recession had a deep impact on Ontario. But its effects were felt differently by Ontarians from different backgrounds and in different regions of the province.
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What Should I Do When I Leave High School: Should I Go to University?

It’s the “big question”: What are you going to do after high school? Everyone wants to know. You probably get asked a lot at family functions. It’s a lot of pressure to come up with a good answer. On top of that, you know the job market is changing – fast. You worry that by the time you complete your degree, it will already be obsolete.
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Don't Count Yourself Out of the Manufacturing Job Market

Want a job that pays well for doing something that you’re passionate about? Take a second look at the manufacturing job market. A recent Bloomberg article notes that millennial men tend to be missing from the job market.
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What Should I Do When I Leave High School: Work After Graduation?

As you get closer to graduation, it can feel like you are at a crossroads with so many options for what you should do next. You’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the input from your parents, teachers, siblings, and friends. They all want what’s best for you, but it can be so confusing.
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How to Optimize Recruitment and Retention in Manufacturing

You already know that your business’s most important asset is its workforce. You’ve put great effort into hiring, creating competitive pay packages, and ensuring a safe manufacturing plant. But how can you go one step further in order to really max out your recruitment and retention potential? It starts with highlighting your company’s strengths, and taking the pulse of how your employees feel.
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What Should I Do When I Leave High School: Should I Travel?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the well-meaning advice you’re getting from parents, teachers, siblings, friends, guidance counsellors, and just about any other adult imparting career advice upon you, we’d like to help. We’ve been developing this blog series to offer suggestions that can help you make informed decisions about the path you want your life to take after graduating high school. This blog post’s topic is one very big question: should I travel?
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The Solution to the High Cost of Living

The 2008 recession had profound effects on Ontario and in some cases we are still feeling those effects. The household median income growth in Ontario from 2005 to 2015 was the slowest in all of Canada, according to Mowat Centre’s A Different Ontario report on the 2016 census.
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Are Millennial Men Missing From the Manufacturing Job Market?

There are currently half a million young men missing from the job market, and Bloomberg's report on millennial men leaving a hole in the U.S. job market is suggesting it’s because they are tired of long days and minimum wage positions they aren’t enthusiastic about. 
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What Does Canada's Labour Shortage Mean for Young Job Seekers?

The upcoming labour shortage in Canada is projected to last at least a decade, and that’s because thousands of baby boomers will be retiring in the next five years, leaving more jobs unfilled than filled. A lot of companies in the coming years will struggle to fill jobs.
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Is a Career in Manufacturing the Right Fit for You?

The period following graduation is a strenuous time for anyone, but it can be even trickier if you don’t know what you want to do when you graduate. You probably feel yourself pulled in all sorts of directions.
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