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STEM Books for Kids Highlight Manufacturing Trends You Need to Know

We've profiled STEM books for kids before because they’re important for introducing your kids (and you) to the world of STEM and manufacturing trends.

Manufacturing is a high-tech, innovative industry, especially in eastern Ontario, and you and your kids need to know more about it. So we’ve found 3 more books we want to share with you.

3 STEM Books for Kids That Focus on Manufacturing Trends

1. Nick and Tesla Series (Get It?!) 

For middle grade readers, this series is about Nick and Tesla Holt and their adventures spending the summer with their eccentric scientist uncle. The kids use their smarts to solve mysteries, and each story includes projects with easy-to-follow instructions so your kids can build the homemade gadgets the Holt kids do.

image18-1Different titles in the series include:

Nick and Tesla’s Solar-powered Showdown

Nick and Tesla’s Special Effects Spectacular

Nick and Tesla’s Super-Cyborg Gadget Glove

There are six books in all sure to help inspire the inventor in your kids. Manufacturing is all about innovative ideas filling a demand, and your kids will be the next generation doing just that. 

Whether it’s going green with solar power or learning how to program robots on plant floors, your kids will love the fresh ideas this series has to offer.

2. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind 

A tale of a heroic young inventor who brought electric power to his tiny village in Malawi.

After the family lost the season’s crops and had nothing to eat and nothing to sell, William read the science books in his village library hoping to find a solution to his family’s problems.

It was in those books that he discovered an idea that helped change his family’s life forever: he could build a windmill.

He built that windmill out of metal scrap and old bicycle parts and was able to bring the electricity into his village that helped pump the water they needed to farm their land.

This is an inspiring tale of how one boy’s bright idea was able to feed and save his family and his village. The need for a windmill was there and William learned how to build it himself, which is exactly what the manufacturing industry does for their customers every day.

3. Secret Coders  

A graphic novel series that includes puzzles involving logic and basic coding instructions, all wrapped up in an exciting mystery plot. Hopper and her friend Eni use their wits and growing ability at coding to solve many mysteries at Stately Academy.

Different titles in the series include:

Secret Coders: Monsters & Modules

Secret Coders: Potions and Parameters

Secret Coders: Robots & Repeats

There are six books in the series sure to fuel your kids’ imagination for mysteries and how to solve them with computer savvy programming. That’s what it takes to connect robots to systems on a manufacturing plant floor, and these books will give your young programmers a fun taste of how it happens every day in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing is an integral part of eastern Ontario’s economy and will continue to be as your kids grow up and look for careers of their own. Why not give them a head start by introducing them to the industry at a young age through these great STEM books.

Make Sure Your Kids Are Ready for the Future Manufacturing Trends

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