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This Is Your Career on Manufacturing Training

The manufacturing industry in eastern Ontario alone employs 65,000 people, and it is growing and improving every year with the help of the latest technology. To secure a place in one of these cutting-edge, large corporations, consider investing in yourself through manufacturing training.

You’ve seen the pace of technological changes in your own life recently. A new cell phone every two years, a smart thermostat in your house to maximize energy efficiency, and cars that email us when they need an oil change. We are using technological advances to make life easier, and industry is no different.

One of the most recognizable changes is in the manufacturing sector, where automation and digitization are dramatically changing the landscape. What this means for you is that the available positions are also rapidly changing. Manually operated assembly lines are being replaced by advanced robotics and computing. This shift is often referred to as Industry 4.0

Now there is a demand for the kinds of skilled workers that can support the high-tech manufacturing industry, such as engineers, technicians, programmers, welders, and machinists. As the landscape changes, and operations get more efficient, safer, and more reliant on networking, the Internet, and computing, workers need to upskill: getting the training they need to be integral to these large businesses well into the future.

Manufacturing Training to Land the Dream Job

Some of the most interesting, challenging, and exciting projects take place right inside manufacturing plants. New products are developed and tested, equipment is upgraded and optimized, and prototypes are designed by engineers and built by skilled machinists. It’s a continual process of improvement, and of pushing the limits of what is currently possible.

If you’ve found yourself watching YouTube videos of master welders creating functional yet artistic creations, or if you love learning how things work when you have a free minute, manufacturing just might be the ticket to a truly fulfilling career. By adding manufacturing training to your passion for learning and your desire to stay on top of technology, you will take your career prospects to the next level. 


Types of Manufacturing Training Available

For all members of the manufacturing team there is training available right in eastern Ontario. For instance, Loyalist College provides apprenticeships and diplomas for skilled trades, including manufacturing technicians and industrial electricians. The benefit of an apprenticeship is the combination of high-tech classroom training and on-the-job experience. You can get started making money and learning your trade right away.

Queen’s University in Kingston has a wide range of computer science engineering degree programs, from mechanical engineering through to computer and chemical engineering, which all support the complex problem-solving and interconnected systems that run modern manufacturing plants. Mechanical engineers can use robotics skills to design robotic components and optimize industrial manufacturing plant layouts. Chemical engineers can synthesize new products in food and manufacturing plants, while computer engineers can code and troubleshoot the systems that coordinate all operations in a manufacturing plant. These programs require four years of study and an excellent average in math and science courses for admission, but if that’s your strength, this degree will open all kinds of doors in manufacturing.

On-the-job training is also available, as well as free manufacturing training to get you matched up with a manufacturer in the region right away. The benefits of these programs include immediate employment, and training that is specifically tailored to your company’s processes and technology. The training process is really streamlined in this approach, and employers may even use high-tech training software, such as Area9’s Lyceum adaptive learning software.  

Think about how you currently learn best. Whether it’s hands-on experience, listening to a lesson from a teacher, or possibly a combination of the two, you can use the information above to decide how best to prepare for a career in manufacturing. The training provided right in eastern Ontario is truly the rocket fuel to propel your skills to match what today’s manufacturers need in order to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Start Planning Your Career in Manufacturing Today

Some of the most fascinating, fast-paced, and fulfilling work exists in manufacturing, and the path to entry in this exciting industry is through specific training. Classroom sessions, apprenticeships, co-ops, or on-the-job training are all available to prepare you for a career in manufacturing.

For even more information and resources on available manufacturing training routes, download this e-book to start planning your career in manufacturing today:

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